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Natalie Atwater, Pecari
Probably a good idea
Sat Nov 18, 2017 18:35

Natalie was looking forward to this half of the term, or more accurately, the end of it. This was her sister's last semester at Sonora and the Pecari was possibly looking forward to it even more than Kelsey was. Kelsey's graduation didn't just represent freedom for Kelsey, it represented freedom for Natalie . No more annoyingly perfect older sister breathing down her neck. Okay, yes,the Pecari would still be compared to Kelsey her entire life and a small part of her did want to outdo her but as that was futile, so Natalie preferred to think about doing what made her happy. What she wanted long term-not that she thought about it much as she was only a third year-was to find someone who accepted her for who she was. If Kira could maybe have found that, so could Natalie. She was a much more confident than her cousin. Of course, the only person she knew less confident than Kira was Ryan. Maybe Chaslyn and understandably so. Aunt Pearl and Aunt Jillian were the sorts that sucked the life out of their children. Amity put on a better front than her sister or Ryan but Natalie could tell that Aunt Jillian had done a number on her too. People didn't run away from home because it was a happy situation.

Kira, on the other hand, didn't have abusive parents, not really. They never told her she was worthless or anything. Kira's issues stemmed from the same place as Natalie's-Kelsey. If Kelsey wasn't so blasted perfect all the time, then neither Natalie nor Kira would have to worry about measuring up. The third year mainly found it irritating as her sister had a tendency to be a bossy nag but with Kira it seemed to be taken to heart that she would never measure up, would never be good enough. Of course, now the sixth year had met Ned Davison over midterm which Natalie read between the lines and listened to the hints dropped that maybe...Kira liked him and possibly, just possibly he liked her too.

She wanted this for her cousin. She wanted Kira to realize that she did have things about her that someone would find attractive, and if she had to push it along in some way, she would. Ned's cousin Jane was about the Pecari's age and they were acquainted.

Anyway, with Kelsey gone, Natalie could relax . Her behavior wouldn't be under such scrutiny. No more being told she should do certain things a certain "better" way that nobody but Kelsey did. Well, okay, some girls did. Her sister had a certain amount of syncophantic followers that liked to be shown said ways. The difference was that they volunteered for such tutelage whereas Natalie-and Kira and to a much lesser extent Ivy-had it thrust upon them.

Next year was going to be her year. She was going to let herself be herself, not that she wasn't doing a lot of that anyway. It was just that it would be without Kelsey around telling her what she should do instead. Sometimes having her sister around was so.... suffocating . Next year, Natalie would wander around unemcumbered by her sister's views. She couldn't wait.

Right now though, she had to go to Potions which was....also decidedly not her. The third year was just glad Kelsey wasn't some Potions prodigy too. Actually, if Natalie had to look at it objectively, she personally was probably better at being a proper lady than she was at Potions. Still, she didn't really have the patience for either. Pecaris, after all, desired quick and effective results from their actions. Which was a nice way of saying they were impatient.

Anyway, after next year, she could at least drop this class too. She could never truly drop being a proper lady. She just didn't have to do it her sister's way, since her sister's way was not the norm. Unless it became the norm. Natalie shuddered involuntarily at the thought.

Apparently, Professor Carter wasn't here today. Maybe she'd finally had a nervous breakdown from overwork like the one Chaslyn had always seemed to be on the verge of before she got married. Oh, maybe she'd eloped with the Herbology professor! Still, nervous breakdown seemed more likely.

The new guy, whom Natalie didn't recognize, pointed out that Professor Carter was "unwell". So, point for the nervous breakdown theory. The fact that they were going to be making the Draught of Peace could be another.

She looked over at the person next to her, Isaac Song. The third year preferred to partner in potions and she wanted to be on good terms with the other Pecaris in her year. This looked like an opportunity. Unfortunately, he seemed to get involved with his homework right off. Natalie usually preferred to procrastinate on it. Finally he noticed her though. "Um, thanks, but actually I was wondering if we could work together?"

  • I mean, I guess I'll try to stay calmIsaac Song - Pecari, Tue Nov 14 01:07
    Ever since Isaac had started dabbling in cooking at home, his interest in Potions class had grown. It was a lot of the same things: mixing, measuring out ingredients, making sure you stirred it or... more
    • Probably a good idea — Natalie Atwater, Pecari, Sat Nov 18 18:35
      • It doesn't really come naturallyIsaac, Sat Nov 18 21:15
        Isaac didn't really know much about Natalie personally, but she seemed friendly and smart. "Of course! It'll go a lot faster with the two of us. Well, as fast as potions go." Isaac looked closely at... more
        • Calmness is easier than patienceNatalie, Fri Dec 8 22:25
          Natalie smiled as she took the potion from Isaac and mixed in the powdered moonstone. "Agreed." She replied. The third year had never cared for waiting. That why Potions was such a pain. Well one of... more
          • I agree wholeheartedlyIsaac, Sat Dec 9 15:27
            Isaac didn't think he'd ever know what it was like to live with house elves. They sounded cool, but also like modern-day slavery and he wasn't a big proponent of that. Having house elves would still... more
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