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It doesn't really come naturally
Sat Nov 18, 2017 21:15

Isaac didn't really know much about Natalie personally, but she seemed friendly and smart. "Of course! It'll go a lot faster with the two of us. Well, as fast as potions go." Isaac looked closely at the mixture with his jar of powdered moonstone still in hand. "Is that blue enough? Looks kind of like a faded blue. Maybe I'll mix it until it gets a little brighter." A few stirs in the mixture did become a darker blue, so Isaac handed the jar to Natalie. "Could you pour this in till the potion turns purple? I think after that we're supposed to let it simmer."

Now that he didn't have to stir anymore, Isaac sat down again. "The worst part about potions is waiting around for them to bubble or change color or do whatever they're supposed to," he said. "I started learning how to cook from my uncle during our winter break, so I feel like I get potions a little bit better. Even when you're cooking you have to wait for what feels like hours to get some stuff done."

Isaac loved his uncle Derek. He came over a lot and used to babysit them when his mom was at work. Derek was his mom's half-brother and way younger than her, so Isaac liked it when he came over and spent time with them instead of doing his cool young adult things. He had all sorts of stories to tell them all the time about his life and Isaac looked up to him a lot. He dressed well, was a good cook, popular, and rode a motorcycle. His mom hated it, but Isaac really wanted to have one of his own when he was older.

"My uncle's a really good cook and he was a good teacher too. I think the hardest thing I helped him make was the turkey for Christmas. It took so long, but was so worth it. I hope my cooking lessons continue during the summer." The only drawback was that his uncle wasn't magical and didn't really like talking about magic stuff cause he didn't believe in it. Isaac didn't really know how to feel about that, but it didn't matter that much right now. After all, even without magic Uncle Derek was the coolest guy he knew. His mom liked to worry about him, but Isaac thought it was just her way of showing that she cared about him. "Do you know how to cook at all? Or bake?"

  • Probably a good ideaNatalie Atwater, Pecari, Sat Nov 18 18:35
    Natalie was looking forward to this half of the term, or more accurately, the end of it. This was her sister's last semester at Sonora and the Pecari was possibly looking forward to it even more than ... more
    • It doesn't really come naturally — Isaac, Sat Nov 18 21:15
      • Calmness is easier than patienceNatalie, Fri Dec 8 22:25
        Natalie smiled as she took the potion from Isaac and mixed in the powdered moonstone. "Agreed." She replied. The third year had never cared for waiting. That why Potions was such a pain. Well one of... more
        • I agree wholeheartedlyIsaac, Sat Dec 9 15:27
          Isaac didn't think he'd ever know what it was like to live with house elves. They sounded cool, but also like modern-day slavery and he wasn't a big proponent of that. Having house elves would still... more
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