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Consider me impressed.
Fri Nov 24, 2017 02:52

Lily thought she’d known what a good friend was before. A good friend was someone who could play pretend and not laugh at one’s childishness or adamance to fight monsters even at twelve. A best friend invited one to duelling matches and remembered birthdays and holidays. But as she listened to Jozua ardently defending her, she realised what a best friend was, truly: one that could be counted on to be there no matter what. Right at that moment there was no one else in the world she loved more than Jozua.

“You know what Ed said to me?” she continued, his heat fuelling her ire. “He said I was lucky to have them. To have such handsome boys as friends. Evidently they’re some popular clique at school.” She rolled her eyes, then looked at the potion's instructions again. She swallowed and looked down as she poured in the syrup of hellebore. “That’s... that’s not all.” The potion hissed as it received the syrup until it turned a light turquoise. “One of them, Ed, he... he kissed me.” There. The secret was out and she felt her face grow bright red with shame and anger. “He made me think he fancied me when he was really only taking advantage of me because I was the only girl he was close to.

“I punched him in the face, of course. Broke his glasses. It serves him right. I’ll be happy if I never see him again.” Lily remembered the event like a vivid dream. The fairy lights had glittered so bright and colourful on all the buildings and the enormous Christmas tree, and she had tried not to look so awestruck by it though it was her first time at a Muggle holiday event. She still remembered the surprise kiss, the way Ed's gloved hands had held her cheeks as he dove in with his lips. She remembered feeling warm before she panicked and the disgust came over her.

Lily didn't believe in keeping secrets from those she trusted, not that she was very good at that in any case, but she still felt shy sharing that a tiny part of her liked being kissed, and she wanted to be kissed again—only by someone she actually fancied.

“He told me he would be the only bloke to ever show interest in a girl like me and he only did me this ‘favour’ because he felt sorry for someone like me, whatever that's supposed to mean. And evidently I should’ve expected it being friends with a group of guys, or worse. He is dim, really, and an arse. I should have hexed him, but I was in shock. Also, it was really crowded, we went to some Muggle Christmas Eve event in the city—but that bit doesn’t matter.” Whenever she remembered that it was Ed who had kissed her, she wanted to be sick.

“He said some terrible things after that, and I don’t know what he told the others but they all turned on me a few days later.” That deep hurt from being rejected by the boys she’d once considered her close friends would take a long time to heal, but she would never be able to un-kiss Ed. “I just felt miserable about it. I still feel miserable about it, all of it.” Lily took a deep breath and released it slowly. She was not going to cry. “You’d better not tell anyone,” she said, pointing a finger at him before concentrating on the potion again. "It's top-secret, best-mate-only information."

  • I’m the scary Teppenpaw Jozua, Sun Nov 19 23:08
    Jozua was somewhat dismayed when Lily didn’t even crack a smile. Apparently whatever was upsetting her was pretty awful. She revealed enough to know it was those muggle boys she used to hang out with ... more
    • Consider me impressed. — Lily, Fri Nov 24 02:52
      • Glad to hear itJozua, Sun Nov 26 15:45
        Jozua pulverized his unicorn horn. He was kind of glad they were talking about this in potions, during the part of the lesson where he got to ground something into powder. Ed kissed Lily. That was... more
        • Turning the tables.Lily, Tue Nov 28 17:53
          There was nothing left to crush into powder. Instead, Lily put swept off the remnants of dust on the desk with her hand. "Thanks," she replied to his oath to keep it a secret. It was embarrassing... more
          • Oi, hey now, don’t do that.Jozua, Wed Nov 29 10:08
            Jozua shrugged, trying not to look shifty as Lily questioned his certainty that wizards would like her. “Sure,” he agreed with ready confidence, figuring that was a safe ‘prophecy’ to make. “I Saw it ... more
            • Well, why not?Lily, Thu Nov 30 15:26
              Lily grinned at his teasing and would have punched him in the arm if he hadn't been holding the porcupine quills. She didn't feel insecure about being liked much, but she knew she wouldn't care if... more
              • I don't wanna talk about itJozua, Thu Nov 30 21:14
                Lily wasn't talking. That was never a good thing. Lily was a talker. If she wasn't talking, it was because she was thinking, and there wasn't anything about what he'd just said that he wanted her... more
                • Oh. I see.Lily, Fri Dec 1 13:22
                  Lily had not expected Jozua’s answer. She had imagined more adamant denial and maybe admitting he liked someone, not be madly in love. She waited a moment to analyse his tone for sarcasm, but found... more
                  • Disaster AvertedJozua, Fri Dec 1 15:59
                    Lily again was not talking. That always made him nervous even when he hadn't just admitted what he'd just admitted. He hadn't mentioned any names, but how many girls did he really hang out with or... more
                    • For the time being.Lily, Sun Dec 3 15:28
                      Despite her unhelpful advice, Lily was relieved to hear Jozua decide to be a total coward for now. It was still strange to hear Jozua talking about this third party and it made her feel... more
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