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Calmness is easier than patience
Fri Dec 8, 2017 22:25

Natalie smiled as she took the potion from Isaac and mixed in the powdered moonstone. "Agreed." She replied. The third year had never cared for waiting. That why Potions was such a pain. Well one of the reasons. The other being all the steps that had be done in a precise order. Precision was not necessarily one of her strengths.

"That's really cool." Natalie responded when Isaac mentioned learning to cook. "I have no idea how. I'm not sure anyone in my family does. We have house elves doing that." She wasn't being snobby, that was just how it was. "But it's really great that you enjoy it and it will help with potions. Though I would think the waiting would be worse if you're cooking. Because, like, you're probably getting hungry and are in a hurry to eat what you're making."

"But when we're working on a potion, we have to stay here. And it's not like either of us is super anxious and in need of the Draught of Peace. Or have someone in a hurry to get it from us." Though maybe if she pretended there was, she'd care more. Not that she didn't care at all, she did want to pass but she just....didn't have the interest to make it really great. Maybe it was a good thing she'd chosen to do this with Isaac. "

She was impressed,however, that he'd helped with the turkey. "Wow. That's amazing. Do you think you'll join the baking club? "

Natalie continued. "Sounds like you really enjoy spending time with your uncle too."

  • It doesn't really come naturallyIsaac, Sat Nov 18 21:15
    Isaac didn't really know much about Natalie personally, but she seemed friendly and smart. "Of course! It'll go a lot faster with the two of us. Well, as fast as potions go." Isaac looked closely at... more
    • Calmness is easier than patience — Natalie, Fri Dec 8 22:25
      • I agree wholeheartedlyIsaac, Sat Dec 9 15:27
        Isaac didn't think he'd ever know what it was like to live with house elves. They sounded cool, but also like modern-day slavery and he wasn't a big proponent of that. Having house elves would still... more
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