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I agree wholeheartedly
Sat Dec 9, 2017 15:27

Isaac didn't think he'd ever know what it was like to live with house elves. They sounded cool, but also like modern-day slavery and he wasn't a big proponent of that. Having house elves would still probably be cool though. Since Natalie had grown up with house elves taking care of her house, she probably didn't do too many chores either. "That must be super nice," he said, thinking of all the things he wouldn't have to do if he had servants.

"Yeah, you're totally right. I usually try not to cook like that on an empty stomach. At least during this break when my uncle was teaching me, we were mostly just doing it for fun. My sister and my mom ate most of whatever things we made." He liked seeing how smiley his mom and sister got when they ate his food; at least when it was good.

"Truth." Natalie had some good points about the difference between brewing potions and cooking. That was why cooking was more fun, but potions was interesting cause their ingredients were so weird. It was fun in a different way.

Isaac grinned when he saw that Natalie seemed impressed by his turkey-accomplishment. "Thanks. Nah, I don't know about baking club. I'm not really into baking." He saw baking as more of a girl thing. He had helped his mom make Christmas desserts in past years, but he wasn't as into it. "It does look cool though, I guess." He wanted to ask if Natalie was in any clubs because he definitely wasn't, but then she made a comment about his uncle that he was more than happy to talk about.

"Yeah, I love spending time with him, he's...well, he's kinda old to be like my older brother, but he's like a younger version of my dad, I guess. I only live with my sisters and my mom cause my dad lives in Korea, so it's cool to not be the only guy in the house. He teaches me a lot too about different things and he's really cool. I like to think he pays more attention to me cause I'm the only boy." Isaac grinned. Not that he was complaining at all.

"Anyway, what about you? What'd you do over winter break?" Isaac hoped she had some interesting stories; his mind was still on clubs at school. He only knew of Dueling Club because of it stood out from the rest and he had just learned about Baking Club. Maybe it would be cool to check and see if they had a sports club or something. He could use some extra flying practice so he could join the Quidditch team one day if he was brave enough. Even though he was thinking about something totally different, he was still listening as Natalie had the chance to talk. Brewing a potion, thinking, and listening; he thought he was pretty good at multitasking like this.

  • Calmness is easier than patienceNatalie, Fri Dec 8 22:25
    Natalie smiled as she took the potion from Isaac and mixed in the powdered moonstone. "Agreed." She replied. The third year had never cared for waiting. That why Potions was such a pain. Well one of... more
    • I agree wholeheartedly — Isaac, Sat Dec 9 15:27
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