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Professor Sophie O'Malley
Jeremiah was a bullfrog... [Years III-V]
Sun Feb 18, 2018 09:48

A few weeks of school had passed by now. When her students walked into the classroom, there were usually cauldrons positioned on their tables ready for them, but today, there were no cauldrons. Just cardboard boxes of varying sizes with the lids attached magically. Just to prevent anything from hopping out.

“Alright, everyone, let’s get settled,” she encouraged as the last few stragglers took their seats. “Today, we’re going to be talking about ratios. Yes, now, I know the mathematical aspects of potion-brewing and utilizing are probably everybody’s least favorite, but trust me, it matters.” Sophie produced her wand from her cloak pocket and flicked it once, allowing the boxes to be opened. “If you look inside your boxes, you will find a frog, two corked vials, and some measuring tools. You’ll notice the frog is not the right size. He’s been changed.” Some of the frogs were as big as a cat, and others were as small as an ant. Hopefully the students who had gotten the latter were extra careful, if only for the fact that their frogs would be harder to locate if they escaped. And Sophie didn’t exactly have a plethora of extras lying around. “The vials, you’ll see, have measurements on them, to keep track of how much you use. The goal is to get the frog back to the correct size. Knowing this, can anyone guess what the potions are?”

The correct answers were, of course, that the acid green one was a shrinking solution, while the dark blue one was a growth elixir. Both of these had been covered previously in intermediates, so she thought a fourth or fifth year might be able to guess with fair ease. The third years were welcome to try too, of course, assuming they were overachievers and had read ahead. The small blonde professor awarded House points as appropriate to any ventured guesses. “Fantastic. So your assignment today is to record the current size of your frog, fiddle with the potions until it reaches the correct size, and then record how much of the potions you used. Working in pairs, if you don’t mind. I don’t have enough frogs for everyone.” Stanley had done an excellent job catching frogs from Grandpa’s backyard, with a little help from Tommy since he knew all the best frog hiding places, but the boys’ combined efforts were still not enough to support three grades worth of students.

“From there, I’d like you to compare with another group and see if you can’t develop a mathematical formula to establish the amount the size changes based on how much of each potion you used. If you can only work out one potion and not the other, that’s acceptable, but bonus points if you have a formula for both. When you’re done, your frog should be about six inches in length or so. Go ahead and get started!”

    • Cue the third infected post to get you sickZevalyn Ives, Aladren, Sat Feb 24 10:34
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      • And I was doing so well...Isaac Song - Pecari, Thu Mar 15 18:46
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      • No, no, no indeed.Amelia Layne, Aladren, Wed Feb 28 22:03
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        • Oops?Georgia, Fri Mar 2 20:50
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          • That's a mildish way of putting it.Amelia, Mon Mar 5 20:49
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            • I didn't mean to! Georgia, Tue Mar 6 06:33
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              • And yet...Amelia, Wed Mar 7 13:47
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