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Georgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw
Nah to the ah to the no no no [Affects everyone]
Fri Feb 23, 2018 21:48

Georgia had had her share of crappy years. There had been her parents’ messy divorce. There had been her best friend quitting school. And she had really thought things were starting to get better for her but it seemed like there was some kind of force in the universe that was just determined that she should constantly get screwed over. This year was just one huge, chaotic mess. Jozua was being a walking disaster area, and had somehow got her dragged into it all, plus whoever else there was who’d decided to turn Skies’ hair pink and get them all yelled at. On top of that, there was still the ball at the end of the year. If the school was still standing by that point.

The poo icing on the crap cake came in Potions, when Professor O’Malley mentioned one of her least favourite words in the world. Mathematical. Urgh. She hated math so much she’d once made all the pens in her elementary school vanish in order to escape a lesson on adding decimals. She hadn’t known at the time she was a witch, although she had felt responsible and tried to apologise to her teacher, Mr. Mayhew, who, of course, had not believed that she’d done anything wrong. Escaping from ever having to do math again had been one of the greatest things about coming to a magical school. And now… here it was. Threatening to ruin her day. She had no idea how one would even go about working out a formula.

She examined her frog, which was about the size of a thimble. She guessed he needed some…. Grow potion, or whatever it was called. She was distracted from administering it by a loud bang, and turned to see - oh, of course it was Lily. What were she and Jozua playing at this year? Georgia turned her attention back to her froggle, wanting to avoid any kind of involvement in the scene. Ok. So… she should drop some potion on her frogling, and count how many drops and write it down so that she could be revealed to be embarrassingly thick later. Great.

“I guess just… try one drop at a time, and keep a tally?” she asked her partner. She rummaged in her bag for a quill, so she could take notes. And kept rummaging. Where was it? “Do you have a quill?” she asked, giving up. “I guess I left mine somewhere…” she mused, trying to remember which class she’d last used it in. But her partner would probably find they had difficulty locating a quill too. As would their neighbours. As would the whole class.

OOC - the original incident for anyone who is interested.

  • Jeremiah was a bullfrog... [Years III-V]Professor Sophie O'Malley, Sun Feb 18 09:48
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    • Cue the third infected post to get you sickZevalyn Ives, Aladren, Sat Feb 24 10:34
      Zevalyn loved potions. It was easily her favorite class, if only because it involved such scientific processes as measurement and calculated timing. Sometimes her other classes had moments of... more
      • And I was doing so well...Isaac Song - Pecari, Thu Mar 15 18:46
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    • Nah to the ah to the no no no [Affects everyone] — Georgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Fri Feb 23 21:48
      • No, no, no indeed.Amelia Layne, Aladren, Wed Feb 28 22:03
        Amelia was a long way from done with her fifth year, but she was already thinking ahead two years, and she was increasingly unsure she was going to meet family expectations in the RATS courseload... more
        • Oops?Georgia, Fri Mar 2 20:50
          “Just glad it’s not my problem this time,” Georgia muttered, when Amelia commented on the explosions. “Professor Skies asked me to keep a prefectly eye on Jozua,” she added, in case Amelia had missed ... more
          • That's a mildish way of putting it.Amelia, Mon Mar 5 20:49
            Amelia winced in sympathy when Georgia described the situation Professor Skies had put her in. “No kidding,” she said when Georgia stated it had been ridiculous. “I mean, I get she was annoyed that... more
            • I didn't mean to! Georgia, Tue Mar 6 06:33
              Nope. Quills did not up and walk. And Georgia’s bag was a mess sometimes and it sometimes took her forever to find what she was looking for. She half convinced herself that Amelia going through he... more
              • And yet...Amelia, Wed Mar 7 13:47
                Amelia nodded absently, only half-listening, as Georgia said she was sure no-one had taken all of Amelia’s quills on purpose. There wasn’t, she thought, really much way to take quills out of her bag... more
    • I didn't do it!Lily Spencer, Pecari, Thu Feb 22 18:15
      These past few weeks had been nothing but odd. Lily slumped into her seat in Potions and contemplated what had happened. Intermediate courses were getting a bit out of hand. There were strange... more
      • Beleaguered Innocent Bystander Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Tue Feb 27 15:14
        Winston began his potions class today with a dilemma. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. The first few seconds were normal. Go in. Take a free seat somewhere in the middle. It was shortly after he was... more
        • Let's pretend that never happened.Lily, Thu Mar 1 15:04
          If this sort of thing had happened to anyone else, she would’ve been shocked first, then amused. However, since she was the victim, she did not find it laughable in the least. With a quick cleaning... more
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