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Winston Pierce, Crotalus
Beleaguered Innocent Bystander
Tue Feb 27, 2018 15:14

Winston began his potions class today with a dilemma. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. The first few seconds were normal. Go in. Take a free seat somewhere in the middle. It was shortly after he was seated that the dilemma occurred. Lily Spencer took the seat next to his.

Lily was, in technical fact, a pureblood in good standing. She was friendly with Ingrid, who was helping Crotalus be allowed to play Quidditch at all this year, and was currently one of his two co-captains, and Lily herself was probably going to be on his team now (though he didn’t think she had yet formally signed up). He kind of hoped she didn’t.

Partly this was because she was a bit questionable as far as purebloods went, what with her short hair and rough manners and Quidditch playing (though that last bit alone wasn’t enough to get a girl black-listed these days as it used to), but mostly it was because Winston coveted her position as the Pecalus seeker.

So as one of the three co-captains of the team Ingrid said Lily had implied to her she intended to join, he ought to make nice to his teammate. As a seeking rival and someone of better classroom conduct, however, he was sorely tempted to get up and find another seat. Ultimately, however, he decided that would be entirely too rude, and might cause umbrage with the Spencer family, who, other than Lily herself, seemed entirely respectable.

He regretted this politic decision almost immediately, once Professor O’Malley let the start working, as their vials of shrinking solution and growth elixir abruptly exploded for no reason at all. Winston let out a small cry of surprise and jumped back, and was fortunate in his positioning. Very little of the potions got on his clothing, though one sleeve was now hanging much too long off his one arm. The hideous looking giant frog much have gotten a good splash of the shrinking solution because that was nowhere to be seen, so far as Winston could find on his initial glance around.

He gave Lily a sour look as she claimed innocence and bafflement. Of course, he had been right there, so he knew she hadn’t even had her wand drawn, nevermind cast anything. He spread the sour look to include the people sitting nearest to them, whom he hadn’t been watching as closely, and wondered if any of them disliked Lily enough to try to sabotage her. Obviously it couldn’t be him who had been the target. Firstly, he was a good person. Secondly, the explosion had splashed Lily far more than himself so, obviously, it was meant for her. “Have you angered or irritated anyone recently?” he asked logically, deciding to leave off ‘other than me’ because, as he was the beleaguered innocent bystander in this situation, clearly he hadn’t done it.

  • I didn't do it!Lily Spencer, Pecari, Thu Feb 22 18:15
    These past few weeks had been nothing but odd. Lily slumped into her seat in Potions and contemplated what had happened. Intermediate courses were getting a bit out of hand. There were strange... more
    • Beleaguered Innocent Bystander — Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Tue Feb 27 15:14
      • Let's pretend that never happened.Lily, Thu Mar 1 15:04
        If this sort of thing had happened to anyone else, she would’ve been shocked first, then amused. However, since she was the victim, she did not find it laughable in the least. With a quick cleaning... more
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