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Let's pretend that never happened.
Thu Mar 1, 2018 15:04

If this sort of thing had happened to anyone else, she would’ve been shocked first, then amused. However, since she was the victim, she did not find it laughable in the least. With a quick cleaning charm her robes were dry, though stained. There had to be a trouble-maker in their midst, perhaps the same person who’d had the audacity to charm Professor Skies’s hair pink. But why would anyone choose her, a Pecari Prefect, as their target? It wasn’t like she actively caused trouble, though laughing at Skies had been a regrettable moment. Was this someone’s retribution? But she hadn’t seen any spell being cast. Perhaps someone had a problem with Winston? That was doubtful.

“I was just thinking about that. Not to my knowledge,” she replied, irritable. “Well, except for Skies, but I highly doubt she’s behind this. Emerald Brockert and I don’t get along either, but she’s too proper to do something this petty. I think.”

She knew Brockert disliked her strongly, but Lily had never been concerned with her. She and Winston, to Lily’s knowledge, were of the same sort, like Jack and Charlotte—those who stuck their noses up at those who weren’t ‘proper.’ Winston was probably wishing she hadn't sat next to him right about now.

“Other than them, no one else comes to mind.” She had half a mind to return the question to him, but decided against it. He wasn’t quite so interesting to have vengeful enemies.

Lily peered into the box to find their frog and frowned at it. “I don’t see the point of creating a mathematical formula for this damn frog when we can just charm him back to a normal size.” That was, of course, forgetting the reason why they were in Potions class in the first place, which was to learn about potions.

The tiny frog uttered a high-pitched ribbit.

“But duty calls,” she sighed, suppressing her disgust. “I, I suppose I’ll get two more vials from Professor O’Malley.” Lily hurried to retrieve two new vials and returned with both in hand. “Let’s hope that was the last of the mischief,” she muttered as she set them down.

“So, I suppose we’ll have to record his current size rather than what he was before,” she said to Winston. Hopefully that little incident wouldn’t hurt their marks; it wasn’t their fault, after all, and she couldn’t afford a mistake right now. “I can record if you’d like to work with the potions.” Lily usually would’ve enjoyed a lesson like this, but she did not want to be in danger of touching that slimy creature.

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    • Let's pretend that never happened. — Lily, Thu Mar 1 15:04
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