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Fri Mar 2, 2018 20:50

“Just glad it’s not my problem this time,” Georgia muttered, when Amelia commented on the explosions. “Professor Skies asked me to keep a prefectly eye on Jozua,” she added, in case Amelia had missed that, “Like… what am I meant to do if he starts blowing stuff up, either by accident or on purpose? It was ridiculous.”

Cool. So, they were on the right track, according to someone who sounded like they kind of knew what they were doing. Maybe Amelia knew how to do math too. That’d be helpful, cos Georgia really didn’t. Though not doing math at all was still solidly preferable.

As Amelia rummaged for a quill, and failed to find one, and made to take one that Amelia seemed sure had been on the desk a moment before, Georgia got a solid sense of…

“Deja vu…” she mumbled, trying to work out why this felt so famil- oh. Oh God. This was Mr. Mayhew’s class all over again! No, that was crazy… That had been when she was a kid. Vanishing, she knew now, was seriously complicated and was something that she would have to struggle through in Transfig. It wasn’t something she could do en masse by accident. And maybe Amelia had just… like, forgotten her quills too. That seemed a much more likely explanation. Apart from how surprised she seemed. And that she was an Aladren. And- Georgia swore repeatedly in her head. Glancing around the class, it seemed like a few people were rummaging around, puzzled. Crap. Had she done this? She was not admitting to anything, if asked.

They then had a further problem, as the froggle made a bid for freedom.

“Locator froggle!” she cast. The locator spell was much easier than summoning, and as someone who tended to forget where she’d put stuff, she had mastered it pretty early on. Plus, you didn’t always want something to come whizzing into your hand. Like… if it was a frog. Which was slimy, and if moving at speed could be… squishy. Ew. A little dot of light from her wand moved down to the floor under their desk, and began pulsing lightly once it was over their target. She definitely didn’t want to touch it, but locomotor had it safely back on into its box. Sometimes being a witch was super handy. She put the lid back on whilst they caught their breath. “So… Is it me, or is this lesson like… super doomed or something?” She was seriously revising the merits of Jozua’s ‘just sit with my head down until this goes away’ strategy.

  • No, no, no indeed.Amelia Layne, Aladren, Wed Feb 28 22:03
    Amelia was a long way from done with her fifth year, but she was already thinking ahead two years, and she was increasingly unsure she was going to meet family expectations in the RATS courseload... more
    • Oops? — Georgia, Fri Mar 2 20:50
      • That's a mildish way of putting it.Amelia, Mon Mar 5 20:49
        Amelia winced in sympathy when Georgia described the situation Professor Skies had put her in. “No kidding,” she said when Georgia stated it had been ridiculous. “I mean, I get she was annoyed that... more
        • I didn't mean to! Georgia, Tue Mar 6 06:33
          Nope. Quills did not up and walk. And Georgia’s bag was a mess sometimes and it sometimes took her forever to find what she was looking for. She half convinced herself that Amelia going through he... more
          • And yet...Amelia, Wed Mar 7 13:47
            Amelia nodded absently, only half-listening, as Georgia said she was sure no-one had taken all of Amelia’s quills on purpose. There wasn’t, she thought, really much way to take quills out of her bag... more
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