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That's a mildish way of putting it.
Mon Mar 5, 2018 20:49

Amelia winced in sympathy when Georgia described the situation Professor Skies had put her in. “No kidding,” she said when Georgia stated it had been ridiculous. “I mean, I get she was annoyed that class, but seriously….” She shook her head. “Adults, huh?”

Of course, she promptly found herself in little position to criticize anyone else for being ridiculous. She flushed when Georgia cast a simple spell to find the frog and get it back in order while Amelia was busy freaking out. It was just so...everything. First there was an explosion and then she couldn’t find all her stuff and then she released the frog and - well, the explosion was nothing to do with her, but the other two she felt responsible for, and like she was just failing at today.

“Super-doomed sounds like a good word for it,” said Amelia after the crisis was resolved. “At the rate we’re going, this is going to be worse than that day in Transfiguration was. I hope Professor O’Malley has a better sense of humor than Professor Skies did if she gets stuck in it,” she added, rubbing her temples. “Okay. I know I have quills. I had quills an hour ago and they didn’t all walk away,” she said, picking up her bag and putting it in front of her so she could take everything out, one thing at a time. “Unless someone really dislikes me too,” she added, “but I don’t think they do, which means they have to be in here somewhere.”

  • Oops?Georgia, Fri Mar 2 20:50
    “Just glad it’s not my problem this time,” Georgia muttered, when Amelia commented on the explosions. “Professor Skies asked me to keep a prefectly eye on Jozua,” she added, in case Amelia had missed ... more
    • That's a mildish way of putting it. — Amelia, Mon Mar 5 20:49
      • I didn't mean to! Georgia, Tue Mar 6 06:33
        Nope. Quills did not up and walk. And Georgia’s bag was a mess sometimes and it sometimes took her forever to find what she was looking for. She half convinced herself that Amelia going through he... more
        • And yet...Amelia, Wed Mar 7 13:47
          Amelia nodded absently, only half-listening, as Georgia said she was sure no-one had taken all of Amelia’s quills on purpose. There wasn’t, she thought, really much way to take quills out of her bag... more
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