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I didn't mean to!
Tue Mar 6, 2018 06:33

Nope. Quills did not up and walk. And Georgia’s bag was a mess sometimes and it sometimes took her forever to find what she was looking for. She half convinced herself that Amelia going through he bag one thing at a time was actually going to solve their problem. After all, she couldn’t have done this.

“I’m sure no one’s done it on purpose,” Georgia echoed, hoping that Amelia didn’t know her well enough to notice that her voice was slightly higher than normal as she said it. She tried not to watch as Amelia got further and further into her bag. She should not say anything. She shouldn’t. There was no way to explain. She would be in so much trouble with Professor O’Malley. Amelia would probably be pissed at her too. They might not believe her that it was an accident. Professor Skies hadn’t believed Jozua. But she felt worse and worse with every item that her partner placed on the desk in her search for a quill that Georgia was pretty sure she was not going to find.

“Uh… Do you think stuff like this ever happens by accident? Like… even when kids get older, do they still do that?”

  • That's a mildish way of putting it.Amelia, Mon Mar 5 20:49
    Amelia winced in sympathy when Georgia described the situation Professor Skies had put her in. “No kidding,” she said when Georgia stated it had been ridiculous. “I mean, I get she was annoyed that... more
    • I didn't mean to! — Georgia, Tue Mar 6 06:33
      • And yet...Amelia, Wed Mar 7 13:47
        Amelia nodded absently, only half-listening, as Georgia said she was sure no-one had taken all of Amelia’s quills on purpose. There wasn’t, she thought, really much way to take quills out of her bag... more
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