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And yet...
Wed Mar 7, 2018 13:47

Amelia nodded absently, only half-listening, as Georgia said she was sure no-one had taken all of Amelia’s quills on purpose. There wasn’t, she thought, really much way to take quills out of her bag or off her desk without her permission except on purpose unless someone had...much worse problems than she did. Was under Imperius or had a brain parasite or something. Or else she had much worse problems than she thought she did, to have not noticed someone stealing her quills...even if they had floated them out of the bag, why would she have not noticed anything?

She opened her writing case one last time just to make sure the quills had not magically reappeared inside it. They had not. Her spare ink bottle was still tightly sealed, the spaces were just as they had been left, but there was not a quill or pencil end in it. How could someone - well, someone in intermediates - have gotten them out of her case and then out of the bag - and then gotten the case and bag all closed again! - without her noticing a thing? Could the fifth years Vanish things they couldn’t even see and had little cause to know were there? And if so, why would they waste that skill on her writing supplies, of all things?

...Or maybe not just her writing supplies. As she looked around the room in sheer bafflement, she noticed that a lot of people were stirring in ways that suggested a lack of quills and other writing implements. Which meant it wasn’t just her. What was going on here?

“Huh?” she asked when Georgia, out of a blue sky, asked her about accidental magic. “I - I guess it can if someone’s really stressed?” It clicked. “Do you think someone Vanished all our pens by accident?” she asked.

  • I didn't mean to! Georgia, Tue Mar 6 06:33
    Nope. Quills did not up and walk. And Georgia’s bag was a mess sometimes and it sometimes took her forever to find what she was looking for. She half convinced herself that Amelia going through he... more
    • And yet... — Amelia, Wed Mar 7 13:47
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