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Isaac Song - Pecari
And I was doing so well...
Thu Mar 15, 2018 18:46

Potions was a class Isaac wouldn't claim as his favorite, just because he really liked DADA, but it was a very close second. It was a lot like cooking and ever since Isaac had taken up cooking as a hobby, he found brewing potions more and more enjoyable. The math and science part of it was easy for him too, or at least came easier than other subjects.

Isaac plopped down next to Zevalyn. His original goal was to befriend everyone at school, but it seemed really unlikely at this point. He was fine having a good group of friends here that he could at least feel comfortable with, and then be acquainted with everyone else in his classes.

The explosion made made him jump in his seat and he whipped around to see Lily Spencer as the guilty party. She looked really shocked, but Isaac didn't know if he could trust her. She was a cool person, at least from what he saw, but didn't seem super studious. Plus her best friend was the guy making a lot of commotion recently.

Isaac turned back around, saving his judgments for another day. He took out his book and was feeling around in his backpack for a quill when he saw Zevalyn looking a little frustrated. "No, I haven't seen him," he said, shrugging his shoulders. "Do you want to borrow one of mine?" Isaac couldn't feel a sharp point or the feathery end of his quill, so he picked up his bag and started to dig through it more thoroughly.

"Oh, uh, that's not mine," he said. "But I guess you could use it." Strange. That hadn't been there before. Isaac didn't know what to say about that, but he kept rifling through his bag for one of his own. "Um, do you have an extra quill I can borrow? Mine are all gone, but I swore I put it in my bag earlier." Maybe he'd misplaced it. Maybe they'd all just disappeared. But how? He wasn't going to outright blame it on Lily Spencer, but maybe there was some correlation between her explosion and his missing quills.

"Anyway, did you want to work together?"

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    Zevalyn loved potions. It was easily her favorite class, if only because it involved such scientific processes as measurement and calculated timing. Sometimes her other classes had moments of... more
    • And I was doing so well... — Isaac Song - Pecari, Thu Mar 15 18:46
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