Professor Sophie O'Malley
Plant yourselves for instruction [Years I and II]
Mon Mar 26, 2018 13:38

The nice thing about being an adult was utilizing child labor. For example, Sophie found that she could educate her students on a potion and, instead of letting their products go to waste, save their results to be used productively later. It would require a little testing usually, just to make sure their potions were well-brewed and up to par, but sprinkling a little of this and that on appropriate test subjects was still far less work than brewing that much of things herself.

Today, as the beginning students would see on the board upon entrance, they were brewing the herbicide potion. It wasn’t exciting, admittedly, but Sophie had been made aware that the school’s supplies were running a bit low, and it was on the curriculum anyway. Not that local plant enthusiast Nathan Xavier probably wanted to kill off plants, but weeds were not friends and had to be dealt with accordingly.

“Hey, guys,” Sophie greeted informally when it seemed everyone was settling in. “We’re brewing today, so make sure you get your sleeves rolled up and long hair pulled back.” As she said this, she rolled up her own robe sleeves above the elbow, creating a cloth bulge that would hopefully remain stable. Sophie didn’t care whether or not uniform robes were worn or how they were modified for her class, finding them generally inconvenient to brewing, but it was definitely always a good idea to free up the arms. Likewise, she of course had no opinion on how her students did their hair, but hanging strands getting in potions could have serious consequences, both for the potion and the hair.

“Without looking, can anyone tell me what a herbicide does?” It was probably an obvious question, but she awarded a couple points for the correct answer nonetheless. Kids liked bribes, and if she had to bribe them with House points to inspire class participation, that was fine with her. “Fantastic. So, Muggles have chemical herbicides as well, but this potion we’ll be making is more effective against magical and invasive species.”

“You can find the instructions on page 251 of your textbooks. Go ahead and pair up and get to it. Oh,” she added. “I probably don’t need to specify this by this time of the year, but please don’t try to drink your potions. You are not a plant, but it isn’t exactly good for you. Tastes awful, too.” On the latter point, Sophie had good authority. She’d been brewing all her life and had gotten a mouthful of things she shouldn’t more than once as a small child. She grimaced at the memory. “Go ahead and get started.”

OOC: Instructions, as provided by the HP wiki:

Part 1
Add 4 lionfish spines to the mortar
Crush into a rough powder using the pestle
Add 2 measurements of Standard Ingredient to the mortar
Crush into a rough powder
Add 3 measures of the crushed mixture to your cauldron
Wave your wand
Leave to brew and return in 45/51/60 minutes (depending on your cauldron)
Part 2
Add 2 measures of Horklump juice to your cauldron
Heat to a medium temperature for 10 seconds
Add 2 blobs of Flobberworm mucus to your cauldron while it's still on the heat
Stir 4 times, clockwise
Wave your wand to complete the potion

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