Parker, Pecari
I am a sprout who may become a tree
Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:35

Potions was one of his favorite classes. Maybe because he had made friends with Cleo in it last year or maybe because it was close to Herbology, but also more... magical. Parker liked getting his hands dirty, and to be honest, outside of Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology, there was no class you'd get dirtier in than Potions. Parker also liked the Professor. She seemed relaxed and informal, and if she didn't have kids, Parker would probably have gone to her if he needed to talk to an adult.

As he walked in he glanced up at the board. He kind of did a bit of a dance in his head. He knew this lesson. Last year Cleo had taught him a bit about this stuff because they needed it for the "gardening club", that mixed with what he knew from his mother and sister's gardening and he was excited. It felt a bit weird to be this excited for learning, and he wondered if this is what other students felt like in classes.

He sat down rolling up his sleeves in preparation for the potions work, feeling the excited energy building up. As other students walked in he closed his eyes and counted. He didn't want to have his energy release like it had in the MARS room.

When Professor Oh my Oh Malley asked what a Herbicide was Parker's hand shot up. He knew the answer, and since this was not a common occurance he wanted to make it count. Plus Pecari House would get points, so that was a nice bonus.

"Herbicides are chemicals, or potions in the wizarding world, that control unwanted plants, usually weeds or other problematic plants," Parker said. Now he realized why people answered questions in class. He felt a rush. Similar to when he was playing sports. There was a sense of accomplishment just from stating something he knew, and he didn't get beaten with a bludger while saying it. He could get used to this. He just needed to find a way to get the information beforehand.

Parker realized that Professor X probably didn't like this lesson, but it probably would help in the future as the garden was big, and full of things that could sprout where they weren't meant to. Like magic in his family.

Parker opened his book to the required page and read the instructions. There would be a lot of down time in this potions lesson he realized after reading the wait time. This lesson was getting better and better.

He turned to his partner for the first time. He remembered his first experience with Cleo in potions and how nice she'd been with him.

"Hi! You wanna get the ingredients together then we can take turns grinding things?" Parker said with a smile that looked like the side of zebra on his face.

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    • I am a sprout who may become a tree — Parker, Pecari, Fri Mar 30 12:35
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