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Michael DiCaprio - Pecari
Thyme to get to work
Thu Apr 5, 2018 20:27

Mikey was really enjoying meeting a ton of different people. He thrived on human connection, so all this partner work in all of his classes was awesome. Potions was cool, it was just a lot of mixing odd ingredients and making weird smells and colors. He liked doing it with other people just so if they messed up he didn't get all the blame.

The uniform wasn't uncomfortable, but it was inconvenient during this class. For his smaller size, the sleeves were a little long and his arms weren't growing very fast. Mikey rolled up his sleeves in bunches, but he knew it wouldn't stay for long. He hated having to roll it up constantly, but he didn't know how else to do it. Maybe he'd look it up later or ask older classmates for advice. If his sleeve ever got caught in the potion he'd be scared of messing it up.

Herbicide was a foreign concept to Mikey, who had neither plants nor animals back home. He'd probably heard about it in Herbology, but he couldn't remember what the term was for. Probably something to do with plants.

Mikey didn't raise his hand, but after someone said the right answer he groaned inwardly. Duh, he should've known that. It was like pesticide, though all he knew of that chemical was that it was bad for people to consume.

The rest of it was pretty self-explanatory, so Mikey opened up his textbook and looked at the instructions. He'd been making potions for awhile now so he finally remembered which one was mortar and which was pestle. The instructions helped differentiate them too for the most part. "I wonder if anyone in our class drank their potion without being told to. Seems dangerous," he commented. "Wanna work together? The first part doesn't look too complicated."

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    • Thyme to get to work — Michael DiCaprio - Pecari, Thu Apr 5 20:27
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