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Heinrich Hexenmeister, Aladren
I am a person who will remain a person
Sun Apr 8, 2018 16:36

It was getting to be late in the term, and Heinrich was still not fluent in English, but he was much improved in it. He had been exposed to English every waking hour of every day, and his listening comprehension was so much better than it had been when he arrived at Sonora. Idioms still gave him some trouble, and less common words were largely meaningless to him, but as long as teachers didn't speak too quickly, with too many metaphors or difficult vocabulary words, he was mostly following lectures now.

Expressing himself was another matter entirely. In writing, words were never spelled the way they sounded or he thought they should be, there were too many spaces, too few capitalized letters, too many Cs, and that was when he could remember the words he needed at all. And speaking was worse, because he didn't have time to look things up and check he was right, and he hated being wrong. So he generally just didn't say much at all.

So when a second year told him to get ingredients, he just nodded and said, "Yes."

He first checked his own bilingually labeled ingredient kit, putting out what he had onto the desk, then went up to collect anything else they needed from the teacher's stores and brought those back to the desk, too. This part was harder, because his textbook instructions were in German, while these labels were in English, but some of them were spelled the same in both languages, and he could see what other kids were grabbing, so he thought he had everything they needed when he deposited his finds onto the desk with the others.

Still, he thought maybe he better check with the American to make sure he was right. "This is all?" he questioned. "I am called Heinrich," he added, by way of introduction, since they hadn't worked together before.

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