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Mary Brooding
The very best of them!
Sun Aug 5, 2018 16:38

It should've been obvious that Tabitha would bring something as well, the woman was more than a little considerate of course. It should also have been obvious that she'd bring something a little stronger than Mary would've expected. As she stood there in her ruffled blue gown, watching Tabitha get things set up, Mary couldn't help smiling.

She was instantly at ease around the Defense professor and was relaxing against the side of a nearby desk when Tabitha turned around and held out a package for her. Mary raised an eyebrow before accepting the gift. Anything collected on Tabitha's travels held great value for the witch, and wasn't something obtained just for Mary; it was something that Tabitha was in possession of and thought of Mary when she reconsidered. That was powerful and Mary hesitated.

She took a moment to blush, smile awkwardly, and stammer out some thank-yous. She pushed her braided hair from in front of one shoulder to the back. Then she took a breath.

"This means so much, Tabitha," she murmured, a smile threatening her lips. Moving with great care, she opened the velvet box to reveal beauty like she'd only dreamt of.

Shimmering like drops of water in neat feather frames and reflecting rainbows of various color palettes were two perfect pairs of fairy wings, nestled in dark black satin. They were pristine from tip to base, evidence that they'd been collected from deceased fairies, traded for, or willingly given, rather than ripped from an unhappy little fighter. That in itself said as much about Tabitha as gifting the precious items to Mary did.

"They're beautiful," Mary breathed.

Of course, her mind turned first to their use in potions. However, such ideas were quickly squashed; such beautiful specimens should be carefully maintained, and neither the Girding potion nor the Beautification potion were particular priorities for Mary. She wondered at a gift like this. Something that could be used for knowledge and practical purposes, or simply enjoyed as it was. It truly captured Tabitha.

"Thank you so much," Mary said, forcing her eyes away from the wings and looking up at Tabitha instead. "I couldn't... they're wonderful."

The most awkward part of receiving a gift was the inevitable moment where one must put the gift aside. It felt rude to snap shut the velvet box, however gently she did it, but she managed it with as much grace as possible and set it in the safest, least messy place she could find on a shelf.

She smiled sheepishly. "All I got you was a mess," she laughed.

  • I already consider us friends.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 5 11:40
    Tabitha had been having a stressful day, the visit of the Deputy Headmistress to her office having given her a lot to think about in terms of her lesson on Veelas and what to do about Cleo. The whole ... more
    • The very best of them! — Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 16:38
      • Best of friends that enjoy the best of times.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 5 17:03
        Tabitha's eyes remained focused on Mary as she opened the box, revealing the dainty wings inside. Knowing Mary as Tabitha did, she doubted they would be used practically in potions but they would... more
        • And the messiest of them.Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 17:28
          (OOC for the last Mary post: Details about fairy wings and their uses drawn from the Harry Potter wiki, and the fact that they were the gift in the box given from Tabitha’s author on Chatzy) The... more
          • We can get this cleared up.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 5 18:37
            Tabitha nodded in agreement with Mary's suggestion as to how to start sorting through all the stuff that was surrounding them. Deciding that she was better kneeling, she got down to her feet and... more
            • Between my mess and yours, it may take some time.Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 18:57
              Mary laughed, surprised by Tabitha's question. It was, of course, a tender subject, made all the more so by her own foundling relationship with Tabitha. She still wasn't exactly sure what it entailed ... more
              • Time is something we have.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 5 19:18
                The corner of Tabitha's mouth twitched upwards. She didn't say anything and perhaps it was just her ego taking over for a moment but there was something in Mary's voice that made the Defence... more
                • Yes, friend, TIME.Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 19:44
                  Mary accepted the glass of wine and stared after Tabitha for a moment, surprised by her boldness. She wasn't totally sure how she felt about it, but feelings were definitely being felt. Lots of them. ... more
                  • Okay, okay, no need to shout.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 5 20:11
                    Tabitha smiled as she listened to Mary's answer. It was so very Mary, her doing something simply to help somebody else, in this case her brother. It was sweet and kind and Tabitha was starting to... more
                    • Not shouting. Emphasizing.Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 23:56
                      As often does when getting help doing something, a decision moment came up for Mary as she watched Tabitha shelve her books. She thought to say, 'Dear friend, please sort them by author.' She also... more
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