Mary Brooding
Yes, friend, TIME.
Sun Aug 5, 2018 19:44

Mary accepted the glass of wine and stared after Tabitha for a moment, surprised by her boldness. She wasn't totally sure how she felt about it, but feelings were definitely being felt. Lots of them. Mary huffed and went back to the box she was working on.

"Bloody dangerous," she muttered under her breath. Her face was hot and red and she wished desperately to shrivel up into a bug for a moment in order to scream or sing or something to express the one blaring thought: Tabitha thinks I'm beautiful!

She settled on grumbling a bit more before answering Tabitha's question about her career.

"Bit of an accident really," she began, trying to hold onto her gruffness as long as possible. It really was impossible, both because she hated to be gruff with Tabitha and because she couldn't be gruff with potions. "Because my brother was so unhealthy at times, I wanted to help my parents with everything. I was too young to be allowed to do magic outside of school, but I could make potions, and I liked to experiment. I wanted to make sure I was good at it before letting Parker try any of them."

She smiled as a slew of memories came to mind. "But really, potions are just so beautiful and powerful. They have their own sort of power, and I think that's incredible. We aren't even really sure how they work, not that we're sure how any magic really works, but it's just... it's the only sort of physical magic we can examine and test and use like that."

Finished with the first box, Mary placed it aside and took a sip from her glass of wine. She looked across the room at Tabitha, and examined her for a moment. The woman was taller than she was by several inches, and looked then, in her capris and blouse, to be every bit as tall as she was. She was thin and lanky, with even coloring that made her vibrant brunette hair stand out. She was powerful, too, even more than she was beautiful. Mary could imagine her charming a dragon just as easily as wrestling one, and had no doubts that she was smart enough to negotiate with one if she tried.

"How did you get into Defense magic?"

  • Time is something we have.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 5 19:18
    The corner of Tabitha's mouth twitched upwards. She didn't say anything and perhaps it was just her ego taking over for a moment but there was something in Mary's voice that made the Defence... more
    • Yes, friend, TIME. — Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 19:44
      • Okay, okay, no need to shout.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 5 20:11
        Tabitha smiled as she listened to Mary's answer. It was so very Mary, her doing something simply to help somebody else, in this case her brother. It was sweet and kind and Tabitha was starting to... more
        • Not shouting. Emphasizing.Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 23:56
          As often does when getting help doing something, a decision moment came up for Mary as she watched Tabitha shelve her books. She thought to say, 'Dear friend, please sort them by author.' She also... more
          • I say tomato, you say to-mah-to.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 13:32
            Tabitha finished shelving the books from the box and turned back round, taking a moment to sip at her wine. She had to admit that it was a very nice pick on Mary's part. It was very smooth on the... more
            • I say cookie, you say biscuit.Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 14:00
              Nodding empathetically was easy enough. Mary certainly didn't envy Tabitha on having to teach a lesson on veelas, and it made her skin crawl a bit to think of how textbooks talked about them at all.... more
              • I say swimming costume which is just the best phrase ever.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 14:38
                Tabitha listened to Mary's dilemma and smiled gratefully when the woman handing her a lovely cup of hot chocolate. Briefly, her thoughts turned to the Opening Feast, remembering that the hot... more
                • Perhaps we should put them on? For science.Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 14:50
                  Mary grinned as Tabitha discussed her ideas of various potions and strategies for Mary's first classes. She hadn't quite intended it to be a question, but should've known that Tabitha would want to... more
                  • Sure. For science... Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 15:31
                    "I'm happy to co-ordinate our lessons," Tabitha nodded, liking the idea. Mentally, she tried to tell herself that the benefits of tying lessons in different subjects was solely for the students, as... more
                    • All the things!Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 15:45
                      Mary smiled gratefully, glad to have someone on her team. She was more than a little nervous herself and knowing she'd at least have someone to brainstorm lessons with, even if just for themes, was... more
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