Mary Brooding
All the things!
Mon Aug 6, 2018 15:45

Mary smiled gratefully, glad to have someone on her team. She was more than a little nervous herself and knowing she'd at least have someone to brainstorm lessons with, even if just for themes, was helpful. Besides... students couldn't think it odd that their professors were meeting if they only saw it as academic. In truth, they shouldn't see it at all, but that was a separate issue. Anything that happened after ten at night should be safe from prying student eyes, but after ten at night felt... personal.

"Oh that's right! I hope they're wonderful... How was that? Did you co-teach only or get some time on your own? That's so wonderful you got to do that, what an incredible opportunity!"

Mary would love to have that opportunity. She supposed she'd been observing when she took the class herself, but that was wildly different, and she hadn't intended to be a professor upon graduation. She hadn't intended to be much of anything.

With that in mind, she could wholeheartedly understand and agree with Tabitha's sentiment. "Children are much scarier," she replied, taking a seat at her desk and sorting items into drawers. "You can hex or curse or punch a creature, but a child? Those things are off limits. Although," she laughed as an image came to mind. "I'd love to see you put a dragon in time-out."

  • Sure. For science... Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 15:31
    "I'm happy to co-ordinate our lessons," Tabitha nodded, liking the idea. Mentally, she tried to tell herself that the benefits of tying lessons in different subjects was solely for the students, as... more
    • All the things! — Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 15:45
      • Ohh... Are you going to tell me about these things?Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 16:21
        Tabitha stopped her sorting in favour of drinking her chocolate and leaned on the shelves with her hip. She remembered the first lesson she'd given, remembering the swirl of nerves she'd felt, the... more
        • Perhaps... in time.... Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 22:01
          Mary laughed once, hard. "That's not comforting at all!" she said, and it really wasn't. If Tabitha Hawthorne, the woman who wasn't afraid of anything, who chased a Wampus Cat to the detriment of her ... more
          • Oh, I can't wait to find out.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 22:21
            Tabitha couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as she watched Mary's magic at work, tidying and putting everything away. She didn't know whether to be amused or shocked that the lovely Mary Brooding had... more
            • A tidbit here and there.Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 22:48
              A blush rose through Mary's neck and cheeks but she dipped her head to hide it as much as she could. When she looked up, she'd managed a smirk. "Yes, of course," she replied. She hummed something... more
              • You're a total tease.Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 7 12:25
                Tabitha raised an eyebrow at how quickly Mary had downed her glass of whiskey and was holding her tumbler out for more. The Defence teacher hesitated a moment, wondering if she'd unleashed some kind... more
                • I'm a total mess!Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 7 16:13
                  Mary managed a weak smile, but couldn't quite look at her friend. She let the woman's words hang in the air and didn't answer for a moment. Having read parts of Tabitha's journals and spoken with her ... more
                  • It appears that so am I.Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 7 16:56
                    Tabitha did not understand what had just happened. Mentally, she reviewed everything she'd just said, trying to work out if she'd said something offensive. When she couldn't find anything, a look of... more
                    • It's not you, it's me.Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 7 20:14
                      Mary closed her eyes as soon as Tabitha was out of range to see her expression and she flinched as the door slammed shut. When she opened her eyes again, her knuckles were white around the tumbler--... more
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