Tabitha Hawthorne
You're a total tease.
Tue Aug 7, 2018 12:25

Tabitha raised an eyebrow at how quickly Mary had downed her glass of whiskey and was holding her tumbler out for more. The Defence teacher hesitated a moment, wondering if she'd unleashed some kind of severe whiskey-drinking monster but then shrugged, figuring she'd be able to keep an eye on the Potion mistress's intake. She poured the woman another class as Mary began to speak.

She didn't say a word as Mary rambled - Tabitha idly wondered if the rambling was a side effect of the whiskey - and betrayed no emotion on her face as Mary looked at her. What Mary was saying was clearly important and Tabitha did not want to make her feel like she wasn't taking her seriously. She sipped lightly at her whiskey, the spirit leaving a warm burn as it travelled down her throat. She kept her eyes on Mary, watching as a delightful blush filled her cheeks and her features portay a nervous expression.

Tabitha was silent for a moment, interested that she seemed to make the woman nervous and she curious to know as to why. Making people nervous wasn't something that she believed she managed to do often, unless she had her wind pointed at their throat. Tabitha knew she was an excellent spellcaster and a skilled dueller but this was different. She narrowed her eyes slightly at the woman and tilted her head slightly, almost looking at her like she was a puzzle that needed to be figured out.

After another beat of silence, Tabitha had another drink of whiskey before coming out with her reply.

"I am your friend, first and foremost and I do not wish to make you uncomfortable. If being formal with me in public makes you comfortable, then I do not take offence. The rumour mill turns enough amongst the students as it is and if I can prevent from feeding it further, then I have no issue. I will not lie to you. I am... curious to see where this friendship of ours will go and what it will develop into."

She looked down at the glass she held in her hands, slowly tracing the rim of it with her right thumb. She was collecting her thoughts, compartmentalising, figuring out what was best to say.

"When you are ready to move further with me - or not, as the case may be - then I will be here. It will not affect our newfound friendship, whatever you decide."

  • A tidbit here and there.Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 22:48
    A blush rose through Mary's neck and cheeks but she dipped her head to hide it as much as she could. When she looked up, she'd managed a smirk. "Yes, of course," she replied. She hummed something... more
    • You're a total tease. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 7 12:25
      • I'm a total mess!Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 7 16:13
        Mary managed a weak smile, but couldn't quite look at her friend. She let the woman's words hang in the air and didn't answer for a moment. Having read parts of Tabitha's journals and spoken with her ... more
        • It appears that so am I.Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 7 16:56
          Tabitha did not understand what had just happened. Mentally, she reviewed everything she'd just said, trying to work out if she'd said something offensive. When she couldn't find anything, a look of... more
          • It's not you, it's me.Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 7 20:14
            Mary closed her eyes as soon as Tabitha was out of range to see her expression and she flinched as the door slammed shut. When she opened her eyes again, her knuckles were white around the tumbler--... more
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