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Professor Brooding
Because dying is bad. [III-V]
Thu Aug 9, 2018 20:57

Mary had spent a lot of time wondering what her first lessons should look like, particularly since she'd not been talking to Tabitha as much recently. The Defense professor had a right to be upset, she supposed, but Mary wasn't in any position to pour her energy into fixing it. Too much pain and too much awkwardness lay in that direction, so Mary had chosen another.

She wanted to be the best professor she could be.

But what in Merlin's beard did that mean?

Mary had chosen her outfit carefully that day. Her black hair was braided more carefully than usual, although it still hung nearly to the floor. She wore a simple red robe, buttoned at her wrists and up the bodice to her neck. She wore a pointed red hat in the same material, and the whole look suited her coppery skin rather well. Although she still smelled of her usual jasmine and pine, she'd worn a more mild scent today to avoid setting off any sensitivities among her students and to make it easier to smell the potion they'd be working on. Her brown eyes sparkled as she peered around the room.

The Potions classroom was clean and well-ordered, important for safe potion-brewing, and the lighting was good. She wanted to make sure everyone knew exactly what each ingredient looked like, and could get a good idea of the color of their potions at various stages. She strongly preferred students didn't blow themselves up or any such thing.

She had also gone to great lengths to make the room comfortable, without making it personal. There were hints of her traveling background in the books that lined the shelves. Various languages and cultures were represented, and she hoped it would help any students for whom English wasn't their first language. She had heard that there were students particularly who knew French, Russian, German, and Chinese, and she had labeled her ingredient jars in those, as well as in English. She planned to pay close attention in case any other languages should appear there as well.

As the students filtered into her classroom, looking much more grown up than she remembered looking at that age, and also somehow much younger and more vulnerable than she remembered being, Mary perked up. Potions class was about to begin.

"Good afternoon," she greeted students as they came in. "Isn't it a lovely day? I hope you've all had a wonderful time so far."

Tables were set about the room with a cauldron for each student, and she watched as they took their places. A blank roll of parchment was ready for anybody who wanted to take notes or write down the directions that were written at the front of the room on chalkboard. Things like dosage and administration would be covered in lecture and in their textbooks, and she expected the students to take some initiative in writing that information down if they wanted it.

"I know that many of you are studying for CATS this year and looking toward the future of your careers and your continued studies here at Sonora. Those of you who aren't there yet are starting to think ahead anyway, and have taken at least two years of Potions already." Mary looked around the room and smiled at her students. She was so terribly proud of them all, but didn't want to be weird about it when she didn't actually know them.

"With potions, the most important thing is that you remember the risks and are prepared for them. Brew the antidote before you brew your poison, and keep a bezoar handy," Mary said. She didn't want to scare them necessarily but safety was important. "The other thing, is that potions are exciting! Whether you find pleasure in the way a potion smells or looks or tastes or simply in what it does, there's something wonderful about getting it just right."

Her mind turned toward the various dangerous potions they'd brew this term and she smiled. "So with that in mind, let's make sure nobody poisons themselves for the rest of the term, alright? At least... not irreparably. To that end, we'll be brewing the Antidote to Common Poisons today. Please note that this potion takes over an hour and a half to brew, and since we're only together for two hours today, it's important that we get to it!"

She gestured towards the ingredients list and instructions:

Bezoars, Standard Ingredient, ground unicorn horn, mistletoe berries.

Part 1
Add 1 Bezoar to the mortar
Crush into a very fine powder using the pestle
Add 4 measures of the crushed Bezoar to your cauldron
Add 2 measures of Standard Ingredient to your cauldron
Heat to a medium temperature for 5 seconds
Wave your wand
Leave to brew and return in 40 minutes with Pewter Cauldron, 34 minutes with Brass cauldron and 30 minutes with copper cauldron.

Part 2
Add 1 pinch of Unicorn Horns to your cauldron
Stir 2 times, clockwise
Add 2 Mistletoe Berries to your cauldron
Stir 2 times, anti-clockwise
Wave your wand to complete the potion

Completed potion should be teal-colored.

"I do expect that every student completes their own potion, hence having a cauldron for each of you, but I don't mind if you work together or talk while you work. I do prefer you each prepare your own ingredients, though. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'm happy to help!"

It wasn't a particularly difficult potion to make, but it was an important one to have on hand and having the students prepare it individually increased the challenge. Besides, it was a good one to get out their start-of-term nerves on. Mary smiled as the students began working, and she stood near the front of the room until anyone needed her help. Or blew something up.

(OOC: Potion information collected from the wiki:

In order to accommodate the threads that have happened between Tabitha and Mary, this post is set within the first week but is not the very first class. It is, however, the first practical lesson, they have had classes on theories and ingredients so far).

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