Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw
I'm inclined to agree
Mon Aug 13, 2018 09:42

A new year, a new professor. So far, Professor Brooding seemed… taller than her predecessor. This was not exactly a challenge, as Professor O’Malley had been exceedingly tiny, and so it was not particularly noteworthy. She was still shorter than Kir, who seemed on course to hit six foot before the year was out. He tucked himself in on the wall-side of the middle row, banging his knees slightly on the underside of the desk in the process. Kir did not want to mark himself look like a troublemaker by sitting in the back row, but he was alarmed by just how small the third years looked (there had to be a clear foot between him and some of the boys - had he grown a foot in the last two years, or was there just a ridiculously high proportion of very short people in the current third year? It was bizarre) and he did not wish his tree-like self to obscure anyone’s view.

In addition to being of a relatively reasonable height, Professor Brooding also seemed generally nice. She seemed enthusiastic about Potions, and just radiated kinda… warm fuzziness, both in the way she addressed them all and in the way she talked about the subject. Which was a bit odd when it was something like poison. Well, admittedly, today they were brewing an antidote to poisons, which was sort of a good thing, because healing… good. But it also indicated that someone had been poisoned, which was unpleasant to think about. Of course, thinking about such things and being prepared for them were a sadly necessary part of life. Kir knew that better than most. Not that he had direct experience, but he knew that what his family did took them into a lot of very dangerous territory. Supporting LGBTQIA+ rights was always a bit controversial. When that extended to helping Purebloods run away from their oppressive families… That tended to get people who had a lot of power, and sometimes dark magic, at their disposal pretty pissed off at you. He knew that many aspects of their lives were warded to high heaven. Mail was checked for jinxes, visitors were screened for enhancements such as polyjuicing and other deceptions. He lived knowing that was going on all around him without it massively affecting him - his family did his best to spare it from impacting his life, whilst making sure he was aware enough not to do anything stupid - although the thought of it was still enough that his boggart last year had been a masked protester hurling fire hexes. It also meant he knew some basic first aid and common sense, including where his family kept the bezoars and the potion he was about to attempt. He wasn’t sure how much of that was common place wizard common sense, given that there were an awful lot of things in the world that wanted to kill you, and how much came from his particular family situation.
Kir paid close attention to the class, both for the immediate practical benefit, but also because he was not quite sure what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He knew he had to start thinking about what RATS to take after this year, and had narrowed it down to ‘basically everything.’ He knew he wanted to do something for the foundation, but that was pretty broad. Having good medical skills was a plus, though they didn’t really need more than one full on healer, so that was probably more a side line than a career. Plus he wasn’t completely sure that he could handle that. Blood and hexes and high stress situations weren’t really things he thought he’d cope well with at the best of times, and then quite often the reasons why people needed patching up were so horrific. It wasn’t like it was just a broom crash, or a duelling accident… It was usually something that had been done to them, at the hands of people who were supposed to have loved them. His family had never let him into the medical wing at the refuge, nor did they talk details in front of him, but he understood enough of the world to know why they needed that facility. The law or politics side of things sounded interesting. Trying to fight for civil rights or push through change. It also sounded exhausting and like hitting his head against a brick wall, judging from what his mom said. The stupidity of the political system was something that the McLeods and Solens-McLeods took less pains to shield their children from.

Kir dropped the bezoar into his mortar, and began to crush it, recalling a conversation he had had with his Aunt Catriona, regarding why the antidote was necessary when bezoars worked against most things. Firstly, she had told him, a bezoar per poisoning would soon add up. It made good sense to make it go further. Second of all to be successful, the bezoar had to be swallowed which was tricky if the person was unconscious or - and this was a point that had stuck with him rather vividly and graphically - they were as small as he or Ness had been at the point at which he’d asked that question. That had been enough to make him not want to ask too many more questions about poisons for quite a while, although when reading his textbook over the summer, he had come across the antidote they were brewing today, and made a different line of enquiry. Why not just use powdered bezoar? Was it merely that it only solved one issue (that of ease of administration) if less than a whole bezoar was insufficient as a dose, or was there more to it than that? The answer he had got, from Aunt Lola this time, was quite interesting, and he decided to share it with his neighbour now.

“Would you like to share my bezoar, if it’s enough?” he offered his neighbour, “They don’t keep so well once crushed, so no point smashing up two and then only half using them. People didn’t used to know how this Potion worked - they just kind of knew that it did, and that in spite of the fact that you’re using less than a whole bezoar, it’s actually more effective than a bezoar on its own. There’s a recent theory borrowing from Muggle science though that it’s actually stronger once crushed, because you’re increasing the surface area, which means it reacts and is absorbed into your system faster and easier. That’s why even though you’d be able to reduce the physical amount you’re using, it should still be effective.Of course, some people argue against that, saying that magical ingredients don’t like to be corrupted by being broken up, and that that’s why brewing the bezoar powder into a more complex potion is necessary. In both cases, there’s the fact that the powder doesn’t keep so well by itself which makes the whole thing necessary. Fun, huh?” he smiled. Perhaps Professor Brooding wasn’t quite so odd for finding poison antidotes interesting. Once you got past the inherent creepiness, there was quite a lot to say that was interesting about them.

OOC - Kir will be 6 ft something as an adult, so his height is based on this growth chart, which would place him around the 90th percentile, and then tracing back from there. The comments about the third years are based on the fact that I write Dorian and know precisely how (not) tall he is, and it has been commented several times via chatzy and IC that several of the boys in that year are on the small side/a similar height to him. Mary’s heigh confirmed with her author.

Thanks to Katerina for bouncing sciencey ideas around with me to help with the post.

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