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Professor Brooding
A Welcome Conversation
Wed Aug 15, 2018 01:24

Mary had managed to survive one whole day of classes. It was a bit overwhelming starting with the advanced students, but as the day went on, she couldn't decide which group was the hardest. They all presented their own challenges and she was beyond excited to work with them all through the year. She'd collected worksheets from each of them and the stacks on her desk gave her fuzzy feelings. She'd have something to read beside Tabitha's journal now, and it would certainly be less depressing. It would also help her plan the rest of the year, which would give her even more of a distraction.

When her last class finished, Mary hadn't expected anybody to stay behind. She'd been a bit preoccupied with the massive relief that came with having survived her first day but when everyone else left and one student, she thought it was Mr. Montoir, remained behind, she refocused her attention on him. Offering a friendly smile, she allowed him to start the conversation.

His accent was strong but clear and she beamed at the comment. "I'm so glad the labels were helpful! I had the great fortune of meeting a number of skilled multilingual potions makers in my travels and they were a huge help for me." She gestured at the bookshelves, where books in a variety of language offered further resources. "Please feel free to use any of these books throughout the year, too."

Mary sat back in her chair and considered Mr. Montoir for a moment. "You know, ancient Taoism was driven by some of the best potion masters of history," she said, remembering when she'd first learned of potion masters in her own family's heritage lands. "Some of the greatest contributions to the study of potions came from Chang Tao Ling's and Laozi's efforts to create an Elixir of Life."

(OOC: Information about Chinese potion masters-- read: alchemists-- from Wikipedia:

  • After lesson oneDorian Montoir, Wed Aug 15 00:34
    “I will come in a minute,” Dorian assured his friends as they prepared to leave after the first Potions class of the term. It was the last class of the day, so he wouldn’t be late for anything by... more
    • A Welcome Conversation — Professor Brooding, Wed Aug 15 01:24
      • Very very much so!Dorian, Wed Aug 15 10:10
        He was not sure that the labels were exactly 'helpful' to him. His textbooks were in English, and he was more likely to try to find ingredients by their English names. He was not even sure how to say ... more
        • Your excitement is so exciting!Prof. Mary Brooding, Wed Aug 15 19:28
          Mary chuckled softly, enjoying Mr. Montoir's enthusiasm. His comments about ancestors and descendants seemed fairly straightforward but Mary could tell there was a cultural element she was missing.... more
          • Your... youness is so excitingDorian, Wed Aug 15 20:11
            Professor Brooding was so... so... He was not sure what word to use, but she made him feel warm and safe. She seemed to just understand and be lovely about everything, and it felt like nothing he... more
            • My meness is sort of like your youness. Just a lil bit.Prof. Mary Brooding, Wed Aug 15 20:28
              Ah, Quebec made sense. Mary was inspired by the careful way Mr. Montoir seemed to think over his words before speaking and she was reminded of her brother. Parker's eyebrows had always had a little... more
              • I think we have quite a lot of usnessDorian, Thu Aug 16 07:06
                The use of the past tense did not strike Dorian as worrying. Somewhere between the fact that they were talking about the past and the fact that it wasn't his dominant language, it didn't stand out to ... more
                • Usness has a lot of loveliness!Prof. Mary Brooding, Thu Aug 16 22:10
                  Mary smiled sadly at Mr. Montoir's question. She had indeed been lonely at Sonora, but wasn't sure that was an appropriate conversation to get into with someone who was just starting their teen years ... more
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