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Prof. Mary Brooding
Your excitement is so exciting!
Wed Aug 15, 2018 19:28

Mary chuckled softly, enjoying Mr. Montoir's enthusiasm. His comments about ancestors and descendants seemed fairly straightforward but Mary could tell there was a cultural element she was missing. The fact that he was willing to share these thoughts at all made her happy, though, and she didn't interrupt.

"Yes, books aren't always as helpful for learning as we think they might be, but sometimes it's nice to have them just in case. I won't mind if you borrow one and then decide you hate it or aren't ready to read it yet, that's okay, too." She smiled at the excited student, happy to have found something to connect on.

She hardly recognized the names of the potions masters with their proper pronunciation and Mary smiled at Mr. Montoir's obvious multilingual influence on the language he spoke for her.

"That's wonderful!" she cooed. "That means you already have some strong potions skills in your family!"

"I only speak English and a very little bit of a few other languages," she said, still smiling. She hoped her confessional tone made it clear that she admired multilingualism, even if it wasn't something she had managed herself. "I never have stayed in one place long enough to become fluent, other than here, of course."

She wondered at Mr. Montoir for a moment. his multilingualism was fairly evident in his use of English and in the way he pronounced the Chinese names. However, his ethnicity was less obvious. Her ethnicity was maybe more obvious, and she wondered if he was asking about that.

"My father is Indian," she smiled. "And my mother is Jewish and Polish. But they met in America because their parents had brought them here; they only knew English so that's all they taught me growing up."

Mary thought of Selina's warning not too friendly or give too much personal information to students, but this seemed relevant and she pushed the fear aside. Although she did keep it in mind enough to make sure she didn't get into too much more detail than that just yet.

"Where does your family live?" she asked, hoping the question was open enough that Mr. Montoir could answer easily. Multi-cultural family backgrounds sometimes made questions of 'home' or being 'from' someplace difficult, so she settled on the question of residence instead.

  • Very very much so!Dorian, Wed Aug 15 10:10
    He was not sure that the labels were exactly 'helpful' to him. His textbooks were in English, and he was more likely to try to find ingredients by their English names. He was not even sure how to say ... more
    • Your excitement is so exciting! — Prof. Mary Brooding, Wed Aug 15 19:28
      • Your... youness is so excitingDorian, Wed Aug 15 20:11
        Professor Brooding was so... so... He was not sure what word to use, but she made him feel warm and safe. She seemed to just understand and be lovely about everything, and it felt like nothing he... more
        • My meness is sort of like your youness. Just a lil bit.Prof. Mary Brooding, Wed Aug 15 20:28
          Ah, Quebec made sense. Mary was inspired by the careful way Mr. Montoir seemed to think over his words before speaking and she was reminded of her brother. Parker's eyebrows had always had a little... more
          • I think we have quite a lot of usnessDorian, Thu Aug 16 07:06
            The use of the past tense did not strike Dorian as worrying. Somewhere between the fact that they were talking about the past and the fact that it wasn't his dominant language, it didn't stand out to ... more
            • Usness has a lot of loveliness!Prof. Mary Brooding, Thu Aug 16 22:10
              Mary smiled sadly at Mr. Montoir's question. She had indeed been lonely at Sonora, but wasn't sure that was an appropriate conversation to get into with someone who was just starting their teen years ... more
              • I think love also has a lot of usnessDorian, Fri Aug 17 07:41
                Professor Brooding's comments about her time at school were a little strange and concerning. People trying to control those in their family... People being not nice... That sounded a lot like someone ... more
                • It is a great thing to be more full of love than of yourselfProf. Mary Brooding, Fri Aug 17 21:48
                  Mary watched as a variety of emotions played across Mr. Montoir's face. Some part of him was caught up in the words he couldn't get out the way he wanted, but part of it seemed deeper than that. He... more
                  • That sums up the issue wellDorian, Fri Aug 17 23:54
                    Dorian weighed up Professor Brooding’s offer carefully. His instinctive reaction was that he was supposed to put on a bright smile and tell her that it was all fine, because that was what he had been ... more
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