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Winston Pierce, Crotalus
Your family is already dead
Thu Aug 16, 2018 19:30

The problem with the intermediate class was that it was big. It covered three years and all four houses, and the core classes were all still required through CATS. There weren’t a lot of spare seats and if you arrived later than the rest of your classmates, which Winston unfortunately had today, the selection of where to sit was slim.

His choices today were front and center, middle side, and back row. All things being equal, middle side would have won hands down, but that spot was next to The Teppenpaw, who was, if not worse than The Pecari, then a close second place. The back row had two open seats, but Cleo looked like she was saving the one right next to her and the one next to that was still much too close to her. Cleo wasn’t technically as bad the Ones With No Names, but still made him feel flustered and embarrassed and that was to be avoided at all costs. So that left front and center, which was not ideal because it looked like favor seeking from the teacher, and, being a fifth year, he felt like he was huge and blocking the way of everyone smaller than him in the class, even if he was relatively small by fifth year standards. But better the front row than Cleo or The Teppenpaw.

Unfortunately, someone else got there first and he was stuck deciding between the other two. Well, he supposed he could just pretend The Teppenpaw wasn’t there at all. Ignoring people was easier than having improper thought about some girl from an inferior family. Plus, the back row was often utilized by delinquents, which Winston certainly was not.

So he sat next to The Teppenpaw, against his better judgement.

At first it was fine. Professor Brooding talked (with far too much cheer and enthusiasm, in Winston’s opinion) and she even ordered them to work individually which suited him just fine. But then Kir had to ruin it and talk to him. At first Winston tried pretending not to hear, but The Teppenpaw just kept talking. About bezoars of all things.

In spite of his conscious decision to ignore the Teppenpaw and just go about readying his cauldron for brewing, Winston’s head turned toward the voice blathering on and on right next to him.

His eyebrows rose of their own accord, an involuntary reaction to Winston’s incredulity. Muggle science? What?

“Fun, huh?” the Teppenpaw (though after that spiel Winston wasn’t sure Aladren hadn’t misplaced one of its members) finished and Winston was physically incapable of holding back a retort.

“No. To both. No, I won’t share ingredients with the likes of you, and no, you need to look up the definition of fun again.”

He turn back to his own cauldron, pointedly, to show how much The Teppenpaw was beneath him, and began sorting out the ingredients he would need from his kit, including his very own bezoar that was not contaminated by a Vermont McLeod touch. (Scottish McLeod’s were perfectly acceptable, but the Vermont ones Did Not Exist in the same was the Boston Pierces Did Not Exist, and the only reason Winston hated The Pecari any more than The Teppenpaw was because The Pecari’s existence was a much more personal affront to the New Hampshire Pierces.)

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    • Your family is already dead — Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Thu Aug 16 19:30
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