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Prof. Mary Brooding
Usness has a lot of loveliness!
Thu Aug 16, 2018 22:10

Mary smiled sadly at Mr. Montoir's question. She had indeed been lonely at Sonora, but wasn't sure that was an appropriate conversation to get into with someone who was just starting their teen years and sure to discover loneliness like they'd never known before. At least...she thought that was likely.

"I was," she replied carefully. "I thought too much of things I couldn't control and forgot to focus on the things I could. It's not possible to control family," she almost chuckled. "But it's possible to control whether we are nice or not. I forgot to be nice sometimes."

She let Mr. Montoir talk, then, because he seemed to have a lot of things to say but either no words or no desire to say them. His face pulled into a thoughtful expression and then a blissful one and Mary recognized the look. It was one she'd worn herself. Mary smiled, wondering who'd caught him in such a happy crush. Calling such a feeling 'love' when those involved were so young wasn't something she was inclined to do, not because they couldn't be in love, but because it was far too much pressure to put on budding feelings. Being in love wasn't always something that lasted forever, and forever was a very long time to adolescents. And adults, for that matter.

"I am so glad you have found somebody who is like you on the inside," Mary said sincerely. "Although I am sorry about your family and the people you know there. Sometimes, people think that because we are all so different, we are only different. It seems like it would be hard to forget that we all have a face, a body, a heart, and some feelings, but many people forget that anyway."

She peered at Mr. Montoir for what was probably only a short time, but felt much longer. She saw a lot of herself in the boy. They both had brown eyes that people insisted on comparing to chocolate, even when they were really more the color of the California redwoods, and black hair that seemed impossible to so many of the people they would each meet.

"I don't know how good you are with secrets," Mary murmured, leaning forward to fix Mr. Montoir with a conspiratorial smirk. "But something it took me a long time to learn is that the only difference that really matters is whether a person loves others or does not."

She leaned away and considered this. "It matters that you are different and that you speak lots of languages because that is special and wonderful. It does not matter the way people who don't love others think it does. If you are willing to love anybody, no matter what they talk like, look like, or anything else, then you are a person who matters."

It seemed like a harsh way to phrase what she was getting at, but it seemed the most true way to say it. Certainly, people who are mean and awful are still valuable for their humanity, but that wasn't really what she was trying to say.

"People who treat you like you're small are usually just afraid of being small themselves." Mary cocked her head, hoping she was clear. "Does that make sense?"

  • I think we have quite a lot of usnessDorian, Thu Aug 16 07:06
    The use of the past tense did not strike Dorian as worrying. Somewhere between the fact that they were talking about the past and the fact that it wasn't his dominant language, it didn't stand out to ... more
    • Usness has a lot of loveliness! — Prof. Mary Brooding, Thu Aug 16 22:10
      • I think love also has a lot of usnessDorian, Fri Aug 17 07:41
        Professor Brooding's comments about her time at school were a little strange and concerning. People trying to control those in their family... People being not nice... That sounded a lot like someone ... more
        • It is a great thing to be more full of love than of yourselfProf. Mary Brooding, Fri Aug 17 21:48
          Mary watched as a variety of emotions played across Mr. Montoir's face. Some part of him was caught up in the words he couldn't get out the way he wanted, but part of it seemed deeper than that. He... more
          • That sums up the issue wellDorian, Fri Aug 17 23:54
            Dorian weighed up Professor Brooding’s offer carefully. His instinctive reaction was that he was supposed to put on a bright smile and tell her that it was all fine, because that was what he had been ... more
            • So long as it doesn't mutliply the issue, too!Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Aug 18 16:48
              Mary thought that Mr. Montoir must be one of the most thoughtful adolescents she'd ever met, if not the very most thoughtful. He had a careful countenance but not one that lended well to... more
              • I fear love might multiply my issuesDorian, Sat Aug 18 20:43
                Dorian was taken aback by the use of his family name, and was about to tell Professor Brooding to call him Dorian when he remembered that she was a teacher, and he did not have the authority to do... more
                • Do you really think that? Or just fear it?Prof. Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 19 13:26
                  Mary looked up, pleased that Mr. Montoir had gone to the shelf of books. He'd gone immediately to the section of Chinese language books (although she was quite sure some of them were mixed up with... more
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