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And lovin' it
Sat Aug 18, 2018 08:52

As Kir took his seat in Potions, he wasn’t thinking about Zevalyn, for once. He was thinking about a boy instead. Specifically, Jehan Callahan. Last year, he had witnessed him asking Luke Powell out to the ball. The kid was brave, he had to hand him that, but given the impression Kir got from the Callahan in his year, one of the Gentlemen’s Club as he had, in spite of his best efforts at retaining an open mind, given in to calling them in his head, Jehan was potentially in for a world of trouble. Trouble that it was Kir’s job to sort out. Or rather, his family’s job. He had sent Jehan all the flyers he thought might be helpful, but it didn’t really feel like enough. However, unless Jehan came looking for his help, there probably wasn’t much more he could do… Be open, be available, spread gay literature throughout the school. These were the tools at his disposal, and he had deployed them all. On Jehan, anyway. There was also Victor. Kir liked to believe the best of people. That Purebloods loved the members of their family properly. And it wasn’t unheard of siblings to desert - his dad had followed his aunt in leaving their family. Not that he was even wanting Victor to necessarily do that. He just wanted him, first and foremost, to not be an a****** to his brother if and when he found out. That would be a great start. He had not worked out what to do about Victor yet because Kir had no idea what he knew, or what he thought about it if he did. That unnerved him because, for all he knew, Victor knew full well what was going on and was trying to beat it out of Jehan on a regular basis. For all he knew, Victor had no idea, and Kir was obviously not going to be the one to tell him, though he wondered whether there was any way of softening Victor up on those kinds of issues... He didn’t really know what Victor was like, as a person. The Gentleman’s Club and Kir had managed to do a surprisingly fine job of simply avoiding each other in spite of being in the same year for the last four years. But now he and Victor were both prefects, which was good. It would give Kir access. They also Jehan in class with them, which meant that Kir could keep try to keep an eye on him.

It was not Victor, however, that he crossed paths with first. It was Winston. Kir was pretty surprised to find the Crotalus boy taking the seat next to him until he noticed that practically all of the others were full. Well… He supposed, Winston was kind of a good test subject. Just how big a bunch of buttholes could he expect the fifth year Crotali to be about life, the universe and everything?

Apparently, pretty big ones.

Alright, he had poked the dragon a bit by mentioning Muggle science but it was probably better than leading with homosexuality or blood status. Maybe sticking to the weather would have been better but… Well, he hadn’t. He sort of felt that Winston’s reaction would have been pretty similar whatever he had said. Kir could have opened with the weather or with the fact that he thought Isaac Song looked particularly jump-able today, and he probably would have got the same reaction. Well… He might have got punched if his random pick of guy had happened to be Pureblood instead, or Winston himself (because, no offence to Isaac, he was just a random pick and Kir did not actually want to boink him on a desk). Winston just flat out hated Kir for the fact of who he was, and who his family were. And he felt the back of his neck burning at Winston’s comments. He knew, theoretically, that these people did not like him. He had been on the receiving end of Winston pretending he didn’t exist for four years, and that had been fairly crappy but just… Kind of expected. Being looked at like he was dirt on the other boy’s shoe, over something so simple - so nice - as offering to share ingredients really stung.

Several responses leapt to mind, ranging in their degrees of sarcasm and deliberate provocation.

Thank goodness you had all those etiquette lessons to teach you how to treat people like crap in the proper manner

I know a lot about fun. Kissing boys is great.
- he wondered if Winston’s head would literally explode if he said that. And admittedly that would be his main reason for saying it because he didn’t think kissing boys was that great. It wasn’t terrible either. It was something he’d done a couple of times Pre-Z. Pre really being attracted, per se, to anyone and he had mostly done it out of curiosity and boredom. It was warm and wet and vaguely nice, and had felt the same as kissing girls at that point, but he wasn’t sure whether that was because he felt equal attraction to both or had, at that stage, felt equal non-attraction. Kissing Zevalyn turned him on way, way more than kissing random people at New Year parties ever had. And, whilst scientific research was usually good, he wasn’t particularly tempted to expand the sample size at this point to work out why that was.

He bit back these responses though. He was a Teppenpaw. Diplomatic and all that. And, more importantly, he was representing his family. He was aware of the irony, that that was such a deep Pureblood value. But it was probably the one thing they thought that made sense. Yelling at Winston that he was a bigot was only going to reinforce his view that Kir was trash. Even though he was a freaking bigot. That was just a fact. He was also mindful of Jehan. Starting a row in which Winston was likely to use all kinds of horrible slurs - a row in which Jehan’s own brother, if he was sitting near enough them - might want to weigh in, siding with his roommate against The Queer Teppenpaw… That was hardly going to be good for Jehan’s self esteem. Or just… anything. Kir preferred situations where homophobic slur words didn’t end up being screamed across a room.

But he also didn’t feel he could let Winston’s remarks go unchallenged. He did not start fights. He had always just tried to be someone with an open door, who was approachable to anyone having trouble, and going around being loud and obnoxious and getting in people’s faces all the time would rather have undermined that. But when the fight came to him, he also was not going to back away. A vague nagging doubt told him it was ego - that he had never stood up for his ideals in the abstract but now that Winston was insulting him he was going to. But… well, whatever. He didn’t have time to argue with himself right now, when there was such a smug, self-righteous prick sitting next to him awaiting a response.

Winston’s head was full of bullcrap. Things he had been fed growing up. In some ways, Kir tried to tell himself, searching beyond the fury and the humiliation, it was not Winston’s fault that he was like this. But at some point it would be. At some point, Winston was going to tip from being a child who had been spoonfed rubbish to someone who was perpetuating the system. And they were all getting older. Kir was not idealistic enough to think he could reform Winston’s whole world view in one single Potions lesson. But maybe he could plant a seed of doubt. Tug a little on the tread that made things unravel. Because Winston was definitely being irrational and stupid right now, and Kir was dying to point that out.

“What’s wrong with me?” he asked evenly. Mostly evenly. He was annoyed to note that he didn’t sound as relaxed and neutral as he would have liked. He did not trouble to keep his voice down - after all they weren’t discussing anything that he was embarrassed to hold as an opinion - but nor was he broadcasting it any louder than the average classroom conversation. Yet. “And how, exactly, do you think it affects the quality of my potions ingredients?”

  • Your family is already deadWinston Pierce, Crotalus, Thu Aug 16 19:30
    The problem with the intermediate class was that it was big. It covered three years and all four houses, and the core classes were all still required through CATS. There weren’t a lot of spare seats... more
    • And lovin' it — Kir, Sat Aug 18 08:52
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