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I fear love might multiply my issues
Sat Aug 18, 2018 20:43

Dorian was taken aback by the use of his family name, and was about to tell Professor Brooding to call him Dorian when he remembered that she was a teacher, and he did not have the authority to do so. Teachers here varied between whether they called the students by their personal name or their family name. He preferred the former. In terms of teachers who did it, he associated it most with Professor Skies when someone had done Something Serious. Outside of that, there were other Mr. Montoirs, ones who he did not see eye to eye with, but there was only one Dorian, so he preferred being him. He knew that was a dangerously individualistic thought, and not really in line with all the concepts of serving one’s family, which were deeply important in both Chinese and Western culture, but much as he loved his parents and wanted to make them happy, the idea of ‘upholding the Montoir name’ was far more strongly associated with Matthieu, and all the things he deemed important. And with all the subsequent times he had belittled or otherwise hurt Dorian for not thinking the same way.

“Thank you. Yes,” he nodded. “I am ok though,” he added, because he was not sure whether or not she was worrying about him and he did not want her to, “Sometimes I was sad, and it is nice to meet someone who can understand the things that made me sad. But it is better now,” he smiled. Ok, Matthieu was not gone, exactly, but he no longer mattered. That was the important part.

“It’s been such a pleasure meeting you too,” he replied, deliberately parroting her words to make sure he got the grammar but also the level of sincerity correct.

“Yes, please,” he smiled, making his way over to the bookshelf. He was drawn to the Chinese books first, surprised to find more than one. He could understand collecting books in languages one did not speak if the books were especially beautiful but… Well, actually, so many books were beautiful (and especially Chinese books) that he could easily see how it would be hard to stop at one. He half pulled out a couple of volumes that looked particularly interesting in order to shortlist them, and then fully pulled out a Japanese book that had been muddled in with the Chinese. He had done this automatically before realising that it might be somewhat rude to rearrange Professor Brooding’s bookshelves without her permission. Though if she wasn’t able to read them, she might not have them in any particular order and might not notice. Or she may have arranged them by some personal order, such as when she had bought them… He thought it was a kindness to unmuddle a person’s books but that only applied if the person agreed that they were muddled.

“How do you arrange the ones you cannot read?” he asked, managing to keep his tone light and curious. As he asked, his eyes ranged over the English books. Skimming the authors’ names, he noticed that they, too, were all over the place (used as he was to this as a system, he did not look to the titles and notice that they were alphabetical).

  • So long as it doesn't mutliply the issue, too!Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Aug 18 16:48
    Mary thought that Mr. Montoir must be one of the most thoughtful adolescents she'd ever met, if not the very most thoughtful. He had a careful countenance but not one that lended well to... more
    • I fear love might multiply my issues — Dorian, Sat Aug 18 20:43
      • Do you really think that? Or just fear it?Prof. Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 19 13:26
        Mary looked up, pleased that Mr. Montoir had gone to the shelf of books. He'd gone immediately to the section of Chinese language books (although she was quite sure some of them were mixed up with... more
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