Professor Mary Brooding
Have your potion and eat it too. [Beginners I-II]
Thu Aug 23, 2018 01:17

Mary was all smiles as she stood in the Potions classroom and awaited the arrival of first and second year students. It was a red dress sort of day and her ruby gown and black hat was reminiscent of her romantic feelings of recent days. It had been a lovely weekend with a lovely woman and she would certainly call it a successful date. More than anything, it meant she had a friend again. Being honest with Tabitha about her feelings for the woman was one thing, but having someone to eat breakfast with and laugh with and talk with meant more than anything. The rest of the staff was nice enough about Tabitha was special and Mary was overjoyed to be in her good graces again. Hopefully for a very long time.

The beginner students didn’t look quite so exuberant as Mary felt, but she hoped to cheer them with a wonderful day of practical potion-making. Besides, she thought their flushed little faces were lovely and showed all the proper signs of excitement for a morning class, which was to say that they were awake and well-fed. That was the most she could ask for.

“I know you’ve just eaten,” she started when the students were all seated. “But I wanted to take some time to introduce the topic of Applied Potions-Making.”

Chalk magically wrote this term on the board behind her and wrote an outline of notes as she continued. A few books in a variety of languages flew to her desk and stacked themselves there, references for students who wished to read more on the topic. She thought of Mr. Montoir’s eagerness to learn and hoped to inspire the younger students to do the same.

“Applied Potions-Making includes the subfields of healing and medicine, defensive magic, and today’s topic: cooking. I think we can all agree that the best part of cooking is eating, so I’ve made sure there will be time for all of us to try our work today. The important thing to keep in mind when cooking with potions is that taste is only part of the battle. We must also keep in mind what we’ve learned about the ingredients we’ve studied, and what their affects are individually and combined.” A few more reference guides stacked themselves up. “An example of this might be the mandrake, which we know to have extensive healing properties and which may provide a hearty, rooty substance in a stew or other dish.”

Mary smiled at her students and waited while they scratched down some notes and spoke eagerly with each other. Well, mostly eagerly. She was sure it was still too early for everyone to be as excited for mandrake stew as she was.

On a table near her desk were three cauldrons, and she gestured to them next. They each had lids so as to avoid the scent of any one food dish overwhelming the others. Serving utensils and dishes were nearby, as well as napkins and cups for water.

She made her way to the table and removed the lid from each as she described its contents. “Toasted vegetable stir fry, vegan and vegetarian, and gluten free, with mushroom, alihotsy leaves. The last of these is an ingredient in the Laughing Potion and makes this a particularly cheerful dish,” she said first. “Creamy strawberry lemon bisque with morning dew, an ingredient in the Beautification Potion. This dessert encourages lovely dreams and healthy skin,” she said over the second. “And finally, lionfish stew with potatoes and mandrake, one to encourage healthy digestion, muscle relaxation, and general wellbeing.”

“I have some books here for reference,” she said, pointing redundantly at the various stacks on her desk. “And I’m happy to help anyone who’d like to ask some questions. I think it will also help a lot to speak with each other. I know you’ve not all had the opportunity to cook much at home, so working together will be very helpful. Please keep in mind the safety measures we’ve learned so far and let me know if you need any help managing your flames.” They shouldn’t need help. This was far from the first cauldron-work they’d attempted and nothing too extreme had happened so far. She was more afraid someone might get onion juice in their eye than anything else, but wanted to cover all bases.

“You can make a dish for any meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, dessert, tea, or something else—but I expect it to feature all the regular nutrients for the meal you choose. If you choose dinner, I expect some carbs, some proteins, etc. If you need help with that as well, or if you need ideas for meals based on dietary restrictions, let me know. Your homework will be a short essay explaining the importance of the ingredients you chose, examining their qualities as potion ingredients in particular. Go ahead and begin!”

(OOC: I definitely made this all up, but it is based on potions and ingredients on the Harry Potter wikia. I really just love the idea of slipping a Pepperup Potion into a holiday stew to keep off illnesses and what not.)

Students should definitely not be blowing anything up or anything crazy, although I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it tastes terrible.)

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