Julius Astley, Crotalus
A lesson that's actually interesting.
Sun Aug 26, 2018 16:51

Julius actually quite liked the subject of Potions. Making the different potions that all had different uses was fascinating. He actually believed that many potions were a lot more powerful than just simple wandwork. There was something wonderful about the way the potions bubbled when on heat and how they changed colour when you added an ingredient or stirred it in a particular way. There was something delightfully risky with potions as well, which Julius liked. How you teetered on the edge of perfection or disaster throughout the entire brewing process. One wrong ingredient or too much or too little could send all of your work down the drain. It gave Julius a thrill that he didn't experience with anything else.

So, yes, Julius enjoyed Potions, even if he did find Professor Brooding far too cheery, somehow even more so than usual in this particular lesson - perhaps she ate a lot of her toasted vegetable stirfry.

Her lesson today was as interesting as her others had been and what she was teaching had a very big practical element to it - adding potion ingredients to food. He wondered if you added valerian sprigs, used in the Draught of Peace and the Sleeping Draught (as well as the particularly lethal Draught of Living Death), if it would cause the eater to sleep peacefully as well as more heavily, resulting in a much more rested individual. He was also curious about whether adding Lethe river water to food would cause forgetfulness. He felt that this topic required much more experimentation than just one lesson and made a resolution that he would explore it all further in his spare time.

He thought the best place to start was to actually experience one of Professor Brooding's concotions and make a note of just how it affected him and how intensely and work from there. With that in mind, he set out his things ready to take notes before getting up and making his way over to Professor Brooding's meals. He chose the one that seemed like it would have an instant effect and decided on her stirfry. Upon opening the lid, he found the smell to be rather delightful and he had to admit that it did look rather delightful. He helped himself to a small portion before replacing the lid and also picked up a cup of water to wash his food down with.

He returned to his seat and unfolded the napkin and laid it gently across his lap, as was proper. Just because he was away from home and in class didn't mean he'd forget all of the etiquette lessons he'd had over the years. He took a deep breath before having a mouthful of the stirfry.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, slowly, a warmth blossomed in his chest and he felt the urge to laugh, like someone had just told him a particularly funny joke. He could feel his lips being pulled up into a smile and he felt very much like he was back home and having fun with his sisters. It was truly a delight and, as Professor Brooding had described, a cheerful dish.

He started to make notes about how he was feeling and couldn't help but have another mouthful, which seemed to increase the wonderful things he was feeling. He hadn't felt this cheerful since being at Sonora. He also felt the urge to share and spread his cheerfulness with his neighbour so he tapped them on the shoulder.

"Hey, have you tried this? It's amazing."

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    • A lesson that's actually interesting. — Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Aug 26 16:51
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