Evelyn Stones
A conversation that's really surprising.
Mon Aug 27, 2018 13:48

Evelyn was feeling a bit better now. It wasn't like her to stay mad at anybody for too long and she cared far too much about Ness and Malikhi to be too upset that they didn't care about each other much. Besides, they'd only been put together for a few weeks now. Time might fix that.

She'd been going to great lengths to try to encourage them to interact, sitting on one side or the other rather than in the middle, excusing herself for bathroom breaks, conversing with others where possible... it had been a good system. In this particular class, she was not bound to excuse herself. Potions were far too practical, and far too personal, for her to want to miss even a moment of class. She'd spent a lot of time cooking with her mom when it had been appropriate to do so and the idea of cooking with potions was particularly exciting.

When she was young, her mother had made potions with her and taught her all sorts of things about different ingredients and recipes. However, since coming to Sonora, Evelyn had in fact learned that her mother hadn't been entirely truthful. Potions required wands and spellcasting and since those weren't things her mom had access to, there was no way she'd been able to brew potions. Evelyn thought her mom must've known she'd be caught when Evelyn began classes at Sonora and so she hadn't written to say anything on the matter. As it turned out, fake potion making was still a favorite memory, and now she'd be able to take that into some real magic. She didn't mind, and her mom hadn't taught her anything terribly wrong.

Evelyn was sitting between Ness and another first year for today's lesson. She tried to balance between sitting beside Ness and sitting beside Malikhi, noting in particular that Malikhi was prone to jealousy. She wasn't sure whether he knew she'd noticed, but didn't say anything just in case. Nights in the Common Room were spent with him so she didn't mind spending a bit of extra time with Ness in class. Plus Malikhi's biggest problem with the Aladren seemed to be the tendency to just do well and know things. Maybe if they sat together, Ness would be able to rub off on Malikhi and he wouldn't have to worry so much about some of the theoretical parts of class. Vishnu knows Evelyn couldn't help with that.

In a lesson about cooking, however, Evelyn firmly anticipated some group work and she was excited to have some time with both Ness and Malikhi together today. She normally left her jewelry in her bag for potions lessons but today didn't seem so dangerous, so she left them in place. It was an exciting turn of events because she was wearing jewelry in Pecari house colors, and lipstick in Aladren colors. It wasn't her usual to wear blue and black at the same time, but she sort of enjoyed the mix, and the blue from her upper lip left a shimmery smear on the black of her bottom lip, which she thought looked rather nice. She hoped choosing colors for both of her friends would entice them to view her as exactly that: both their friends.

Instead, however, she was tapped on the shoulder by the student on the other side, who had never deigned to speak with her before. She was pretty sure his name was Julius, but he wasn't in Pecari so she hadn't gotten to talk to him much before. He was looking very proper and Evelyn wondered if he'd made many friends. She was well acquainted with loneliness.

She smiled ruefully at Ness and Malikhi before turning to the boy and replying.

"I haven't," she said. "I wasn't sure which one I wanted to have. Is it good?" He looked happy, which was more than she could usually say about him, and she smiled as she waited for a response.

  • A lesson that's actually interesting.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Aug 26 16:51
    Julius actually quite liked the subject of Potions. Making the different potions that all had different uses was fascinating. He actually believed that many potions were a lot more powerful than just ... more
    • A conversation that's really surprising. — Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 27 13:48
      • A conversation I wish I hadn't startedJulius Astley, Crotalus, Tue Aug 28 08:32
        Julius was still smiling when Evelyn replied to him. He couldn't help it. He just felt so incredibly happy, all negative thoughts now banished from his mind. He felt as light as a feather, warm like... more
        • Tough crackers, my new friend!Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Wed Aug 29 22:09
          Evelyn turned her hips on their shared bench seats so she could angle herself more directly towards Julius Astley. It felt odd to even consider that she might ever have a conversation with him, let... more
          • I think you'll be my first friend. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Sep 2 14:08
            Julius could've quite possibly fallen out of his chair with surprise when the white-haired, bright lipsticked girl intoduced herself in the way that all Purebloods did, though she didn't sound nearly ... more
            • I am so sorry about that.Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Mon Sep 3 02:28
              Evelyn sort of wanted to laugh, never having heard of the Astleys or the Something French Soundings of France. She also sort of felt bad for the boy who was clearly so desperate to prove that his... more
              • I don't understand why?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 3 10:25
                Julius was forced to admit that the girl didn't appear to be as silly and unintelligent as her ridiculous costume jewellery and lipstick colours might have suggested. In fact, she appeared to be... more
                • You deserve lots of friends!Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 3 21:07
                  "That's okay!" Evelyn said, bcaktracking. She supposed Julius was probably either highly sheltered from confections, or his family was simply above the gooey treat. "It's krispie cereal and... more
                  • You seem to be the only person who thinks so. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 3 22:44
                    Julius was very confused by the entire situation that he found himself in. When he had first seen Evelyn as orientation, he'd dismissed her presence, considering her to be beneath him. Yet, in the... more
                    • Well, today is a new day, my friend.Evelyn Stones, Tue Sep 4 02:36
                      Evelyn nodded, understanding as Julius spoke of his father's expectations. While she certainly held no claims to any fortune or title, she was well aware of the pressures of an unreasonable and... more
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