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Professor Mary Brooding
A noted change.
Sat Sep 1, 2018 03:41

Mary was always eager to see her students. Their bright smiling faces-- or their grey, sleepy faces-- always said so much and told their own stories. So when Mary noted one face, one that she had previously seen only in context of eager excitement over her Chinese potions books, suddenly darker than grey, she was concerned.

Mr. Montoir's expression was grave and bore the sort of darkness that only truly sad children ever show.

Hesitant to draw attention to him, she watched from her desk while he worked on his potion and waited until it was clear that he would not be able to complete the task adequately before attending him. By then, class was finishing up and she was leaving final remarks with various students about their work, so it wasn't so pointed when she stopped at Mr. Montoir's desk.

He seemed like he wasn't really hearing anything or seeing anything, so she waited for him to look up before saying something.

"Hello," she said, nodding to him. She wanted to say more to start their conversation, but couldn't think of anything lovely to say when faced with such sad eyes. It reminded her too much of her past and punched a hole through her heart.

She knew Potions was the last Intermediate class for the day, but didn't want to be inconsiderate if Mr. Montoir had other plans. She also didn't want to force him to stay and speak with her if he didn't want to by requesting he do so. At the same time, she worried that if she didn't make it clear that she was there to talk, that he would choose not to do so. She supposed she could request he stay to help clean up but that seemed rude, as well.

"Good job today, everyone," she said, raising her voice to speak with the entire class. "Go ahead and clean up and call it a day. It's a lovely afternoon and I expect you all to take some time to enjoy it! Class is dismissed."

Turning back to Mr. Montoir, Mary offered the warmest expression she could. There was no pity in her eyes; understanding and encouragement filled her face instead.

"I will be here for the next several hours until dinner, and may request that my meal be served to me here," she said softly, speaking directly to Mr. Montoir. "Particularly if a student wanted to speak with me about what was upsetting them, if they wanted to get away from their peers for a while, or if they thought that a good cry over hot chocolate might be beneficial. I suspect marshmallows will be present."

A moment passed as she searched Mr. Montoir's expression and as the other students filed out of the room. She then went back to her desk to say goodbye and answer any last questions from others and waited for Mr. Montoir to decide what he'd like to do.

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    • A noted change. — Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 1 03:41
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