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Sat Sep 1, 2018 05:38

Objectively, Dorian’s potion was not bad. It would probably get an E, even from a less than generous grader. It would certainly score nothing less than an A unless some kind of mean spirited individual with a personal vendetta against him was grading it. But Dorian thought it was dreadful. It was too watery, for one thing, and the colour was definitely a few shades off the desired teal. He felt a twinge of embarrassment as Professor Brooding came around to inspect everyone’s work. He liked her so much, and now he had let her down.

“Hello,” he replied, when she came by. He scooped a sample of his pathetic potion into a vial, hesitating before holding it out with an apology. “Sorry. I can do better.”

But, after addressing a remark to the whole class, it wasn’t the quality of his potion that Professor Brooding commented on. He was obviously doing a very bad job at hiding that something was wrong. He had suspected that anyway. But that was better than betraying any of his other feeelings, broadcasting those to the world at large. He listened carefully to her remarks, staring into his cauldron as she talked. Not being able to really meet anyone’s eyes had been a feature of the last few days...Marshmallow was a funny word. It was the kind of word he might not have recognised, having such rare occasion to use it at school. But they had had the bonfire in first year, and when he had taken out his language notebook to look up the Cyrllic spelling of Katerina’s name, he had kept flicking through, going over the forgotten words of his first year. He could say marshmallow in four different languages. Except, right now, it didn’t feel like he even needed a single language, because he wasn’t sure how to talk to anyone any more.

“Thank you,” he nodded at her offer. Talking to Professor Brooding sounded nice. Except he wasn’t sure what to say. She had said several hours. That meant he had some time to think about it. “Maybe?” he half informed her, half asked.

As the class filed out, he went with the flow, not wanting to draw attention to himself, not wanting to make excuses to his friends as to why he was staying behind. But he thought he probably would come back later.

(OOC - as this takes place at the end of class, if anyone wants to reply to Dorian during and have an interaction, I’d still be up for that).

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