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Professor Mary Brooding
By all means.
Sat Sep 1, 2018 15:09 (XFF:

Mary was not under any false impressions about her own mental state when Mr. Montoir returned to the classroom and her office space there. Thoughts of Tabitha and their recent fight, if that was even the right word, had been plaguing her all week and she hardly knew what to do about that. Offering a little bit of understanding to someone else seemed like literally the least she could do, but it was also about the most she could handle.

She had gone to lengths to make the classroom space more comfortable. Her desk, usually featuring a cauldron and some ingredients and notes on whatever the day's lectures were, now featured a more simple spread. A teapot full of hot chocolate was in the center, near a glass canister of marshmallows. An additional carafe of cold milk, mostly just because Mary thought it was hilarious to drink milk from a carafe, was present. She always thought it best to have both hot and cold drinks available because one rarely was as satisfying as both.

Mary herself was sitting at one of the student desks, sipping a mug of hot chocolate and surveying the classroom with a thoughtful expression. Everything felt wrong today and she supposed she should've worn something else or done her hair differently. Perhaps if she felt lovely on the outside, her insides wouldn't hurt so much. As it was, she was focusing on what she must look like to others. She tried to take her students' seats as often as possible to remind herself what it was like to be one.

When Mr. Montoir knocked, she was startled back into the moment and smiled as he entered the room. His expression was so sad but almost determined not to be sad, and she was determined to respect that.

"They do," Mary said, acknowledging his question about the books. "If you're willing, that would help a lot."

She felt like screaming inside her head. You're valuable. You're helpful. You're special. You're a beautiful young soul with so much potential. But she saw in him the same things she saw when she sat at student desks: all the memories of what it was like to be a kid again.

"Thank you," she added. "Feel free to have some hot chocolate. I was thinking of getting some snacks, too. Any preferences?"

  • Sorting things out [Tag Professor Brooding]Dorian Montoir , Sat Sep 1 06:02
    It had not taken long for Dorian to come back. He had dropped his bag off in Teppenpaw, still thinking about Professor Brooding’s offer. It didn’t seem like she was going to force him to talk. Unless ... more
    • By all means. — Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 1 15:09
      • The healing power of book arrangementDorian, Sat Sep 1 19:04
        Dorian wondered whether this was always how Professor Brooding’s classroom looked when they were not in it, or whether she had made the effort in case he came back. He felt vaguely guilty if it was... more
        • And conversation?Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 1 23:43
          "The best time to drink hot chocolate is when you're really excited for it," Mary said as she sipped from her own mug again. "I love that moment. It's best to wait until you are ready," she smiled... more
          • The best time for hot chocolate is when you’re really excited for it. Dorian nodded mutely. He could not fault Professor Brooding’s logic there, although he couldn’t imagine a time when he would be... more
            • Ah, but this isn't the end yet.Professor Mary Brooding, Sun Sep 2 01:35
              "That sounds like a good plan," Mary replied, controlling her excitement. She maintained an even temperament on the outside, but her insides were dancing and singing and just generally being excited... more
              • I hope you're rightDorian, Sun Sep 2 01:54
                Professor Brooding appeared not to want to help with the books, which was fine. He could sort and she could work, and then he wasn’t in anyone’s way, but nor was he having to be out and socialising,... more
                • I promise.Professor Mary Brooding, Sun Sep 2 02:27
                  Mary smiled at first, enjoying Mr. Montoir's explanation of his grandfather and sorting Chinese texts. Then she beamed. "When I was younger, I really wished I was more patient. I decided I would work ... more
                  • You read my mindDorian, Tue Sep 4 06:33
                    Dorian had to listen hard to Professor Brooding’s answer. She went off on quite the tangent. He didn’t mind that as such, although she was one of those people where you had to wait until the very end ... more
                    • Sorry about that.Professor Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 4 17:22
                      Mary was surprised when Mr. Montoir seemed to recoil some, and even more so at the fact that she found this so surprising. She'd been a student once; how creepy would she have thought it if her... more
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