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I hope you're right
Sun Sep 2, 2018 01:54

Professor Brooding appeared not to want to help with the books, which was fine. He could sort and she could work, and then he wasn’t in anyone’s way, but nor was he having to be out and socialising, but nor did she have to look after him if she had something better to do.

She appeared keen enough to chat though, when he opened up an interesting topic, although he found her question a little strange. He had told her in their first conversation that he spoke Chinese with his mother, had he not? Admittedly everyone had two grandfathers, but it seemed like it was quite clear from context which he meant. Still, she was giving him a chance to talk, but not about what was bothering him, and he couldn’t bring himself to over-analyse.

“Mama’s father,” he clarified, “Yes. He is in China. We are there too in the summer. And he has a very good library. He explained me a bit about how it organised but I still need some help to understand the system. It is not so very easy to sort in Chinese. There is… a degree of interpretation, I think.”

He was about to turn his attention back to the bookshelf, when the other half of Professor Brooding’s words caught up to him. Or not half, really. The last two. Like yourself. Is he a clever problem solver like yourself.

“Like me?” he asked, hesitantly. He definitely didn’t feel like he solved problems lately. He felt much more like he created them.

  • Ah, but this isn't the end yet.Professor Mary Brooding, Sun Sep 2 01:35
    "That sounds like a good plan," Mary replied, controlling her excitement. She maintained an even temperament on the outside, but her insides were dancing and singing and just generally being excited... more
    • I hope you're right — Dorian, Sun Sep 2 01:54
      • I promise.Professor Mary Brooding, Sun Sep 2 02:27
        Mary smiled at first, enjoying Mr. Montoir's explanation of his grandfather and sorting Chinese texts. Then she beamed. "When I was younger, I really wished I was more patient. I decided I would work ... more
        • You read my mindDorian, Tue Sep 4 06:33
          Dorian had to listen hard to Professor Brooding’s answer. She went off on quite the tangent. He didn’t mind that as such, although she was one of those people where you had to wait until the very end ... more
          • Sorry about that.Professor Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 4 17:22
            Mary was surprised when Mr. Montoir seemed to recoil some, and even more so at the fact that she found this so surprising. She'd been a student once; how creepy would she have thought it if her... more
            • It was probably my faultDorian, Wed Sep 5 04:06
              Silence reigned. Dorian tried to focus back on the bookshelves. But it didn't feel like comfortable silence any more. It didn't feel like they were two people working companionably in the same space. ... more
              • Certainly notProfessor Brooding, Wed Sep 5 17:48
                Guilt and sympathy washed over Mary in equal measure and she felt herself relax into the situation. Realizing she and Mr. Montoir were equally human was encouraging and she smiled warmly at him. "Not ... more
                • Professor Brooding was a strange kind of grown up. Most grown ups set lots of rules. And, even when they didn't, they still wanted you to be a certain way. He was thirteen - people didn't usually... more
                  • Good. Not knowing means you have a place to start.Professor Mary Brooding, Wed Sep 5 22:34
                    Mary smiled, glad to see Mr. Montoir making a choice and asserting himself, even if it was done so passively. This was a boy who had been through a lot, that much was clear, and she couldn't help... more
                    • It doesn't just mean you are lost?Dorian, Thu Sep 6 01:59
                      It was strange, seeing lessons from this side, when they were not quite lessons yet. It was also curious and alarming and surprising to hear Professor Brooding say she did not have a plan for... more
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