Julius Astley, Crotalus
I think you'll be my first friend.
Sun Sep 2, 2018 14:08

Julius could've quite possibly fallen out of his chair with surprise when the white-haired, bright lipsticked girl intoduced herself in the way that all Purebloods did, though she didn't sound nearly so proud and conceited about it as they and, he supposed, he did. Perhaps because her family wasn't as well-known, as he'd never heard of the names. Julius, however, remained firmly seated as it would not give him a good reputation if he did proceed to fall and sprawl on the floor. He tried to hide his surprise by arranging his features into a neutral expression.

"I'm Julius Astley of the Californian Astleys and the Chasseloup de Laubats of France." He couldn't help it when his tone became somewhat pompous. He was proud of his family, being well-known in America and perhaps even more so in France, being descended from French royalty.

He turned his thoughts to her next question about which meal to make. He was interested in doing something that one might eat for dessert as he quite liked sweet things - the French were incredible dessert makers and he had to stop himself from salivating at the thought of them. "Maybe a dessert? Perhaps something with chocolate? As for what effect it gives... Desserts are nice things so perhaps a nice potion. I read about a love potion, Amortentia. How about that?"

From his reading, he knew that Amortentia was a dangerous and very difficult potion, as well as being very powerful. If they had been attempting to create the full potion itself, he might've selected something different but seeing as they were only going to be using an ingredient in their cooking from it, Julius was curious to attempt something that he hoped was unique.

"Pearl dust is used in all love potions, regardless of their strength. Rose petals could be a nice touch for decoration?"

He voice these thoughts aloud, keen to get Evelyn's thoughts on them.

  • Tough crackers, my new friend!Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Wed Aug 29 22:09
    Evelyn turned her hips on their shared bench seats so she could angle herself more directly towards Julius Astley. It felt odd to even consider that she might ever have a conversation with him, let... more
    • I think you'll be my first friend. — Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Sep 2 14:08
      • I am so sorry about that.Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Mon Sep 3 02:28
        Evelyn sort of wanted to laugh, never having heard of the Astleys or the Something French Soundings of France. She also sort of felt bad for the boy who was clearly so desperate to prove that his... more
        • I don't understand why?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 3 10:25
          Julius was forced to admit that the girl didn't appear to be as silly and unintelligent as her ridiculous costume jewellery and lipstick colours might have suggested. In fact, she appeared to be... more
          • You deserve lots of friends!Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 3 21:07
            "That's okay!" Evelyn said, bcaktracking. She supposed Julius was probably either highly sheltered from confections, or his family was simply above the gooey treat. "It's krispie cereal and... more
            • You seem to be the only person who thinks so. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 3 22:44
              Julius was very confused by the entire situation that he found himself in. When he had first seen Evelyn as orientation, he'd dismissed her presence, considering her to be beneath him. Yet, in the... more
              • Well, today is a new day, my friend.Evelyn Stones, Tue Sep 4 02:36
                Evelyn nodded, understanding as Julius spoke of his father's expectations. While she certainly held no claims to any fortune or title, she was well aware of the pressures of an unreasonable and... more
                • Isn't everyday a new day?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Tue Sep 4 11:09
                  Julius couldn't keep the confusion from his face as Evelyn leaned in, telling him that cooking was okay and something about a midnight snack. Such a concept was as foreign to Julius as her rice... more
                  • Fair point, that.Evelyn Stones, Tue Sep 4 19:39
                    Evelyn wasn't sure if Julius was confused or if she was. He had a look on his face that made Evelyn confident either she'd said something stupid, or Julius' life experience was so radically different ... more
                    • It was well made, wasn't it?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Tue Sep 4 20:26
                      Somehow, the words 'big gooey bar thing' didn't fill Julius with much confidence in that their dessert would actually be any good. However, Evelyn seemed to know what she was talking about and given... more
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