Evelyn Stones
Well, today is a new day, my friend.
Tue Sep 4, 2018 02:36

Evelyn nodded, understanding as Julius spoke of his father's expectations. While she certainly held no claims to any fortune or title, she was well aware of the pressures of an unreasonable and unforgiving family patriarch. She grimaced a little at the thought.

"I think," she offered, leaning in as if she was telling him a secret. Perhaps she was. "That even government officials should know how to cook. No point waking the cook for a midnight snack when you could make it yourself," she smiled softly.

Julius suddenly didn't seem so pompous. More than anything, he seemed small. Evelyn wondered if she came off with such an air considering the similar pressures they were under. At the same time, she doubted it; heir to the Astley estate and heir to basic magical abilities were very different things to be born to.

"We shall," Evelyn agreed, smiling. She caught the professor's eye and the woman approached, smiling that weird smile she always wore.

"Is there anything you need help with? What are you thinking of?" Professor Brooding asked.

"Are there basic food ingredients in the cupboard too? Or do we ask you for them?" Evelyn asked, eyeing her. "We need marshmallows, rice krispies, and butter," she added, counting them off on her fingers.

Professor Brooding nodded. "That's lovely! I'll get those for you. You'll need to get the ingredients for Potions from the cupboard if they aren't regular parts of your kits," she replied. Then, tapping a blank space on the desk between Evelyn and Julius with her wand, she murmured something under her breath and the food ingredients appeared. "The Prairie Elves do such wonderful work," she said in a bubbly tone. "Let me know if you need anything else."

Evelyn watched as Professor Brooding walked away, not sure whether she was unconvinced by the display of cheeriness or just put off by it. Shaking her head, she turned back to Julius.

"Do you mind starting the cauldron?" she asked, trying to stifle a blush. The last thing she wanted to do was set their desk on fire or something trying to light the flames to cook their assignment. "We can get the ingredients together or one of us can go, either way is fine with me."

(OOC: I write Mary Brooding and Evelyn Stones, so this wasn't God-modding.)

  • You seem to be the only person who thinks so. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 3 22:44
    Julius was very confused by the entire situation that he found himself in. When he had first seen Evelyn as orientation, he'd dismissed her presence, considering her to be beneath him. Yet, in the... more
    • Well, today is a new day, my friend. — Evelyn Stones, Tue Sep 4 02:36
      • Isn't everyday a new day?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Tue Sep 4 11:09
        Julius couldn't keep the confusion from his face as Evelyn leaned in, telling him that cooking was okay and something about a midnight snack. Such a concept was as foreign to Julius as her rice... more
        • Fair point, that.Evelyn Stones, Tue Sep 4 19:39
          Evelyn wasn't sure if Julius was confused or if she was. He had a look on his face that made Evelyn confident either she'd said something stupid, or Julius' life experience was so radically different ... more
          • It was well made, wasn't it?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Tue Sep 4 20:26
            Somehow, the words 'big gooey bar thing' didn't fill Julius with much confidence in that their dessert would actually be any good. However, Evelyn seemed to know what she was talking about and given... more
            • I'll give you half credit.Evelyn Stones, Wed Sep 5 02:22
              Evelyn's eyes flicked towards Julius when he said he would recall any information they needed. At first, she was prepared to laugh. Then she realized he was serious. She wasn't sure what exactly was... more
              • Uh, I think I deserve full credit, actually. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Fri Sep 7 15:31
                Julius reached for a jar of pearl dust that shined when it hit the light. He didn't know much about jewellery but he knew that his mother owned several pearl necklaces and they were all very pretty.... more
                • You're so odd though.Evelyn Stones, Fri Sep 7 16:54
                  Evelyn blinked. Why was this boy, presumably eleven or twelve, so strange and reserved? Either he was trying very hard to be polite and feign amusement at her lame joke or he actually thought it was... more
                  • You're not exactly normal yourself.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sat Sep 15 11:30
                    Julius blinked, surprised at the deep intensity of Evelyn's latest comment. There were very few people - read: no one - that Julius had met that viewed their existance in such a manner. The only... more
                    • Perfect! Let's be friends, then!Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 15 19:06
                      Evelyn watched Julius as he spoke, well aware that he didn't seem to be watching her. Or even noticing that she still existed in close proximity. Maybe at all. He had a funny way of speaking, with no ... more
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