Evelyn Stones
I'll give you half credit.
Wed Sep 5, 2018 02:22

Evelyn's eyes flicked towards Julius when he said he would recall any information they needed. At first, she was prepared to laugh. Then she realized he was serious. She wasn't sure what exactly was so funny to her. Certainly she was used to being the nerdy one and she enjoyed potions enough herself that she might've said the same thing. Something about the way he said it, though, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to strut through a classroom and comment on having memorized first-year potions facts, made Evelyn want to laugh. Or scowl.

If anything was going to kill her this year, it was going to be boys.

"Not boring at all," Evelyn said, hoping to reassure this odd boy. She mirrored his posture, keeping her eyes focused on the shelves in front of them and reaching for the ingredients they'd discussed. "I love history. Like I said, I spend most of my time reading when I'm not at Sonora and the history of diverse global culture sis a favorite topic. History of Quidditch and the ways different cultures approach international competition, too. Stuff like that fascinates me." She wondered for a moment if Julius thought she was as odd as she thought he was.

"Honestly, I have no idea what that dessert is and don't know half the words you said," she smiled, managing to look sheepish. She didn't feel embarrassed to not know these things. She was embarrassed not to have been confident in casting flames under their cauldron, but her general knowledge wasn't a sore spot for her. However, she'd seen him use the expression and she figured it might make him more comfortable if he wasn't the only one. "But I love chocolate so and you said that a couple times, so I bet it's great."

"Is your family religious?" she asked, and then clarified. "Do you engage bishops and abbots or just eat their headdresses?" She smiled again, hoping desperately that he'd realize she was just joking with him. This was much more stressful than she'd expected, however much it satisfied her curiosity.

  • It was well made, wasn't it?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Tue Sep 4 20:26
    Somehow, the words 'big gooey bar thing' didn't fill Julius with much confidence in that their dessert would actually be any good. However, Evelyn seemed to know what she was talking about and given... more
    • I'll give you half credit. — Evelyn Stones, Wed Sep 5 02:22
      • Uh, I think I deserve full credit, actually. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Fri Sep 7 15:31
        Julius reached for a jar of pearl dust that shined when it hit the light. He didn't know much about jewellery but he knew that his mother owned several pearl necklaces and they were all very pretty.... more
        • You're so odd though.Evelyn Stones, Fri Sep 7 16:54
          Evelyn blinked. Why was this boy, presumably eleven or twelve, so strange and reserved? Either he was trying very hard to be polite and feign amusement at her lame joke or he actually thought it was... more
          • You're not exactly normal yourself.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sat Sep 15 11:30
            Julius blinked, surprised at the deep intensity of Evelyn's latest comment. There were very few people - read: no one - that Julius had met that viewed their existance in such a manner. The only... more
            • Perfect! Let's be friends, then!Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 15 19:06
              Evelyn watched Julius as he spoke, well aware that he didn't seem to be watching her. Or even noticing that she still existed in close proximity. Maybe at all. He had a funny way of speaking, with no ... more
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