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Professor Mary Brooding
An Opportunity! [Intermediates]
Fri Sep 7, 2018 02:24

Mary was eager to discuss an opportunity with her Intermediate class that she'd already brought up with her Advanced students that morning. She'd thought at first to simply post a notice on the classroom door, but that seemed odd so she decided to do the same as she'd done for them.

Intermediate students entered the classroom to find scrolls on each of their desks explaining the position and Mary opened the lecture with an explanation.

"Please see me if you are interested! Intermediate students can help with preparing ingredients, collecting ingredients, organizing cupboards and papers, and may brew some potions with me for class demonstrations. I may take on up to three Intermediate students, one for each year, but do not expect to take on more than one or two. All students may continue in their positions as long as they'd like and as long as their work and behavior are satisfactory. That means that fifth year students may continue into the Advanced position next year, dependent on grades and everything else.

Come see me after class or in my office hours for more information!"

That aside, she continued her lesson as planned.

(OOC-- No lesson here, just the opportunity. Go talk to Mary if you're interested!)

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