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Ruby Brockert, Teppenpaw
So if you're mind is well arranged, it's appealing?
Sun Sep 9, 2018 13:28

Ruby was somewhat excited about being a third year. It sounded so grown up and now she was old enough to go to parties other than Angelique's which was thrilling. Plus, now she got to have class with Emerald. Of course, she didn't really expect her sister to work with every time but maybe they would sometimes or they could do homework together! Ruby was not as into learning as either Emerald or Topaz but she tried to see the best in every situation and this was definitely the best.

On the other hand, now the work they'd have to do would be more of a challenge and honestly, Ruby wasn't all that excited about that . Not that she was stupid, but she knew she wasn't as smart as her Aladren sisters. Topaz never let her forget this fact and while Topaz thought she was smarter than Emerald, still seemed to grudgingly admit that Emerald was still intelligent.

Of course, Emerald only grudgingly admitted the same about Topaz as well.

Now she was in Potions which had never really been a favorite of Ruby's. She generally preferred Charms and Transfiguration. Oh, and COMC because sometimes the animals were so cute! Even Herbology was nice when they got to work with flowers.

Still, she took an instant liking to Professor Brooding. The professor was just so nice and cheery and Ruby loved that. Though, she could only somewhat agree with what the professor said about looking at her future and careers. The Teppenpaw was looking to the future but mostly the aspect of finding true love like Owen had and getting married and having kids. Ruby wanted a decent sized family but she thought she'd space her children out better than her parents had, more like Uncle Ben and Aunt Shannon had. She had no intention of having a career, she wanted to be an active part of her children's lives. Something that if the third year was honest, her mother really hadn't been, though she didn't have a career either. It wasn't really the norm for society pureblood women.

She also wasn't quite sure that she agreed that potions were exciting. Topaz thought so, but Ruby sincerely doubted that her sister and Professor Brooding were of the same mind about the topic beyond that.

Another thing was that apparently they all had to do their own potions. She couldn't collaborate with Emerald or Dorian or anyone else. Ruby was slightly disappointed, she was rather used to partner work now.

The Teppenpaw started to ready her ingredients when Tatiana spoke next to her. "Merlin, I hope not!" Ruby exclaimed. Nothing appealed to her about playing Quidditch and especially Beater. It seemed like such a mean position and super rough too. Though she doubted Tatiana meant that literally.

  • Not for the well-arranged mind, I've been told.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Wed Aug 15 18:20
    Tatiana could not say she was delighted to have new professors to deal with, but it was nothing to do with the women involved themselves. It was, rather, another consequence of her ongoing... more
    • So if you're mind is well arranged, it's appealing? — Ruby Brockert, Teppenpaw, Sun Sep 9 13:28
      • I don't know - I'm not sure my mind is that well arranged.Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Sep 10 17:57
        Tatiana was slightly surprised by the vehemence of Ruby Brockert’s response to her joke. She reviewed it in her head to consider whether she had made a mistake, said it wrong – humor could be... more
        • Well,one is overrated anyway.Ruby, Wed Sep 26 17:15
          Ruby's face colored slightly. Of course Tatiana had been kidding. It would, of course, be ridiculous for Professor Brooding to push them all to playing Quidditch in Potions class. It was her job to... more
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