Katerina Vorontsov
Eating I can do....
Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:15

Potions was, it had to be said, a class where Katerina thought she was more often than not going to be glad that she was alone in the midst of numbers. Being able to repeatedly pierce a scrap of fabric with a needle and change its shape to suit a pattern was an elegant thing to do with one’s hands; slicing apart a crocodile’s heart, not so much.

She scratched down notes obediently, but did not speak, eagerly or otherwise, to her classmates as she did so, needing her concentration for writing English and keeping her English handwriting neat. If she was to be honest, she had harbored a touch of a grudge against Professor Brooding from the moment she had recognized Cyrillic labels on the potion ingredients, despite their helpfulness – or even because of it. She did not want special treatment; it would give the others the impression that she was less accomplished than she really was, especially since she couldn’t even avoid using the extra labels as she could the tantalizingly near and impossibly far away Russian books on the shelves in other parts of the room.

From what she understood of the rest of the lecture, however, she did find herself somewhat intrigued by the concept. In her novels, the most sparkling parties, the most effervescent fetes and teas and balls until dawn, always involved beautifully-described dishes, and she could see how this could be a hostess’ ace up her sleeve. If the food literally made the guests more cheerful, or helped them sleep well on a long stay, why, of course the party would go better – at least if one did it very, very well….

Not, of course, that Katya herself would have to do all – or, for that matter, any – of the cooking, which did present a problem with this lesson. Katya’s longest single experiences in the kitchen had involved times Tatiana had insisted on trying to filch sweets. She knew the proper way to invite someone to have tea with her. She knew to never take her tea naked if zaruski - the array of small foods any polite host would offer with tea: things like caviar on blini, delicious little pancakes, for a fine occasion, and tiny cups of beautiful red chilled borscht and plates of marinated mushrooms and little vartrushki, cheese tarts, and piroshki for a tea which had been planned ahead of time, but always things like walnut crescents and poppy seed cookies and tea cakes even for a more spontaneous occasion - were offered with it, and to never risk giving offense by offering tea without zaruski. She could pour zavarka, the strong, strong black tea concentrate, from the small teapot into the bottom of a glass without dripping any from the spout of the little teapot and could stop pouring the moment her guest indicated he or she had all that was desired, and knew the most graceful and least burn-risking way to turn on the tap at the samovar to dilute the zavarka. The only step in preparation, however, which she had ever taken was measuring out spoons full of dark, slightly smoky-smelling leaves for the pot, and she did not think the times she had been allowed to measure out the spoons full of leaf for the zavarka pot counted as cooking.

She looked toward another girl, hoping to get some guidance. “Hello,” she said with a polite American smile. It felt strange, smiling when she had absolutely no feelings to speak of toward the other person, but Anton Petrovich said this was what polite Americans did and her own observations in books and, since her arrival here, in person supported his statements. “This is an interesting assignment.”

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    • Eating I can do.... — Katerina Vorontsov, Tue Sep 11 12:15
      • Are you sure you want to?Allegra Brockert, Crotalus, Thu Sep 13 13:28
        When it came to classes Allegra tended to make sure to sit as far away from her cousin as possible and today was no exception. Instead she sat next to Katerina Vorontsov, the Russian Teppenpaw girl.... more
        • Not yet.Katerina Vorontsov, Thu Sep 20 13:52
          Playing with Anton Petrovich’s daughters back home had taught Katya several valuable lessons. The first – probably not relevant here – was to refrain from asking too many questions she didn’t already ... more
          • I am not so sure about anythingAllegra, Thu Oct 11 04:49
            Allegra replied. "I'm not completely sure but I hope so, I picked a book meant for beginners. I mean, generally cook books do so. All you have to do is follow a recipe. It's sort of like Potions.Only ... more
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      • A taste of homeHeinrich Hexenmeister, Aladren, Wed Sep 12 12:03
        Heinrich liked potions. It was a clean (in a metaphorical sense if not always literally), straightforward subject that had little room for error or imprecision. If you followed the directions... more
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    • A lesson that's actually interesting.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Aug 26 16:51
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      • A conversation that's really surprising.Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 27 13:48
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        • A conversation I wish I hadn't startedJulius Astley, Crotalus, Tue Aug 28 08:32
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          • Tough crackers, my new friend!Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Wed Aug 29 22:09
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            • I think you'll be my first friend. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Sep 2 14:08
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              • I am so sorry about that.Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Mon Sep 3 02:28
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                • I don't understand why?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 3 10:25
                  Julius was forced to admit that the girl didn't appear to be as silly and unintelligent as her ridiculous costume jewellery and lipstick colours might have suggested. In fact, she appeared to be... more
                  • You deserve lots of friends!Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 3 21:07
                    "That's okay!" Evelyn said, bcaktracking. She supposed Julius was probably either highly sheltered from confections, or his family was simply above the gooey treat. "It's krispie cereal and... more
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