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Professor Mary Brooding
Interested in Having You!
Wed Sep 12, 2018 19:49 (XFF:

Mary had been a bit of a wreck since announcing the apprenticeship opportunity for her Advanced and Intermediate students. She hadn't considered that all the work and love she'd poured into designing the program and everything else might actually be not interesting to...literally anyone. At least, she hadn't considered it until she'd already announced the program and passed out the relevant information.

She had very little idea of who might apply. There were students who stood out, definitely, but it wasn't clear whether they stood out because they actually loved Transfiguration and were skilled at the physical elements of changing matter in Potions, or if they loved Charms and liked the science in Potions. Maybe they loved Defense Against the Dark Arts and were just interested in Potions because of its role in their work as an Auror hunter? Mary realized she'd need to ask Tabitha for more information about what career paths were open to students in that field.

Regardless, she hated to admit that she was surprised to find Theresa Whittaker coming to her office with an eager smile and a hopeful expression in her eyes. She'd been an excellent student so far and Mary was more than a little pleased that somebody like her would want to try for this role. She considered Miss Whittaker for a moment

“I think that’s admirable,” Mary said, smiling. She’d been sitting at her desk drinking hot chocolate when Miss Whittaker arrived and she was proud to say she’d actually forgotten about the cup for a moment. Students were much more important, although of course hot chocolate was quite important as well. “And I would be happy to have you come on. We can tailor your work to your future, as well.”

For a moment, Mary wasn’t sure what to say. She thought it was important to point out that there would be a lot of independence and initiation required of Miss Whittaker and that Mary had high hopes. She supposed she could say that much.

“I see a lot of potential in you and I’m happy to really push you to do your best,” Mary said softly. Her voice was quiet and she wondered if that made her sound sweeter or scarier. “Are you willing to do your best?”

(OOC - Let me know whether you'd like to have any threads for this role or whether you'd prefer it just be something that is going on unspoken! :) )

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