Julius Astley, Crotalus
You're not exactly normal yourself.
Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:30

Julius blinked, surprised at the deep intensity of Evelyn's latest comment. There were very few people - read: no one - that Julius had met that viewed their existance in such a manner. The only other place he had read about such a thing was in books, most of them written by philosophers who were far, far older than Julius and even his father. Julius was subsequently very aware of how short life was, how short his own life was. It frequently brought him to the question as to why anybody bothered to do anything at all. It seemed all rather pointless to do anything given how small of a speck in life's long road they were.

Yet, here they were, still living. His thoughts shifted focus from pointlessness to his mother and his sisters and his world seemed to brighten around the edges. Perhaps life, however brief, wasn't all that pointless if you got to experience the same happiness that Julius did with his mother, Aurelia and Aelia. It reminded him of a quote he'd read.

"'It's impossible,' said pride. 'It's risky,' said experience. 'It's pointless,' said reason. 'Give it a try,' said the heart." Julius murmured quietly, not really bothering with whether Evelyn heard him or not. He then voiced a thought, "Life, all life, eventually ends in death. Some people try to prevent it and others simply accept it but, in the end, we all die. So why... do we try to be happy if that happiness is not meant to last forever?"

It was a confusing thought. "Why experience good things when they are not meant to last? Surely that would simply cause people to want to prolong their life but for it all to end in disaster when their efforts proved unsuccessful. Also, I've frequently heard about not wasting time or to not throw away life. What isn't a waste of time? Do you have to be productive every day? If you don't achieve something every day, are you simply throwing your life away?"

He realised he was speaking out loud, something that did help him think. He had become a stream of consciousness that didn't really seem to want to stop. "Doesn't that then make any time I spend with my sisters or my mother a waste, even if that time is the very thing that makes me happy and happiness was supposedly important?"

He suddenly seemed to remember where he was and who he was with and abruptly snapped his mouth shut, frowning deeply. He had revealed far too much about himself. What a ridiculous, moronic thing to do. He should've had the sense to stop his mouth. Julius rather wished that they were no longer on this topic but it seemed rude to abruptly change it when it was something that he'd started in the first place. On the other hand, he had just embarrassed himself so what harm could it do?

"We'd better make these rice krispie treats..." he muttered, frustrated with himself.

  • You're so odd though.Evelyn Stones, Fri Sep 7 16:54
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    • You're not exactly normal yourself. — Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sat Sep 15 11:30
      • Perfect! Let's be friends, then!Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 15 19:06
        Evelyn watched Julius as he spoke, well aware that he didn't seem to be watching her. Or even noticing that she still existed in close proximity. Maybe at all. He had a funny way of speaking, with no ... more
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