Evelyn Stones
Perfect! Let's be friends, then!
Sat Sep 15, 2018 19:06

Evelyn watched Julius as he spoke, well aware that he didn't seem to be watching her. Or even noticing that she still existed in close proximity. Maybe at all.

He had a funny way of speaking, with no hint of the Californian rising tones she might've expected in someone who was so proud to say they were from there. Of course, she couldn't exactly picture Julius in Venice, either. She'd been there once on a trip with her mom and it was an accent hard to mistake for any others. There were certainly Californians without a notable tone, particularly in Arizona and Oregon, but Evelyn didn't think it was a matter of picking up something more neutral in Julius' case. She wondered what his father would think if he talked like some of the surfers she'd seen there.

"I like that," Evelyn said when he was done speaking and muttered something about actually doing the assignment. "I like that you think and I think it's important to be curious about that stuff." She turned to face him directly, arms full of ingredients. Their use for the cupboard was done and she was well aware that facing Julius made it clear she was keeping his attention on purpose. "Keep asking questions. The answers aren't the important part, finding them is. Be an adventurer," she insisted, putting a hand on her hip and grinning at him. "Adventurers make the best of friends, and then we can be friends and adventurers both."

Without waiting for his reply, she turned and led them to their worktable again, setting out the ingredients in her arms and considering Ness and Malikhi as she walked by. She'd been able to make a few friends now, and wasn't sure how that worked. Did she just...talk to them all whenever she could? Get them in groups and socialize that way? Whatever the case, she was far too interested in each of the people she'd met so far to give up just because she didn't have prior experience with friendship to draw from. She'd be the best friend she could be, even to Julius Astley.

  • You're not exactly normal yourself.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sat Sep 15 11:30
    Julius blinked, surprised at the deep intensity of Evelyn's latest comment. There were very few people - read: no one - that Julius had met that viewed their existance in such a manner. The only... more
    • Perfect! Let's be friends, then! — Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 15 19:06
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