Lily Spencer, Pecari
I can substitute.
Sun Sep 16, 2018 18:24

Potions was one class Lily hadn’t planned on taking as an Advanced class, but her course load had been too little this year, so she’d taken it on. It didn’t seem too terrible so far, and they had a new professor. Lily hoped she wouldn’t be as strict, but with a surname like ‘Brooding,’ she couldn’t be sure what to expect.

As always, she entered and took a seat next to her best friend. “Hi,” she said before unpacking her bag. Since she’d become a Prefect, Lily had been working very hard to become a better student. The Advanced courses made her feel like she were drowning, but she didn’t want to ask for a tutor just yet. Advanced students were supposed to be the tutors, after all. It all went by so quickly, but at least Potions class was concrete and the ingredients stayed the same. With other courses like Transfiguration and Charms, all the theoretical work went straight over her head. It was the reason why, for a brief moment, she fancied taking on an assistantship with Professor Brooding, but she quickly dismissed it. She wasn’t that interested in Potions and she especially didn’t want to do more work than she needed to on a school subject. Homework and projects were enough.

Lily went forward and filled her phials with the different potions. The activity today seemed both simple and exponentially difficult. She couldn’t decide whether to be filled with dread or excitement. Maybe a bit of both.

Despite all of her worries about coursework and the future, she’d sat down next to Jozua with a purpose. They hadn’t spoken about their ‘date’ last term since leaving Sonora for the summer, but after a few months of thinking about it here and there, she was tired of waiting for both of them to get over their fears. She wasn’t sure what she was even afraid of, it wasn’t as though he was going to eat her. It was clear nothing was going to happen if Lily didn’t do something about it. Before class, Lily’d been nervous, but now she just wanted to get it over with. It seemed as though their difficult conversations always took place in Potions class.

Jozua asked her a question and held out a phial to her. She leant over and sniffed. “Yes, I think there’s a bit. Could be mixed with Polyjuice Potion.” That fluxweed was an ingredient in a Polyjuice Potion was one fact, at least, she knew. Lily looked around to see if there was a plant she could borrow in the room, and quickly went to retrieve a decorative potted plant with large green leaves from a shelf. “Don’t think she’ll mind, do you? She did say we could test potions on plant matter.” Lily uncorked her own phial and took a whiff. “There’s definitely a hint of wormwood. It’s potent.” Lily rubbed her nose. “But wormwood is a popular ingredient."

As she prepared to test a few drops on the plant's leaf, Lily calmly asked, “So, when are we going on another date?”

  • The missing SparkJozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Thu Sep 13 10:49
    Potions was Jozua’s best class. It wasn’t his favorite - that was DADA, which was a close second place in terms of being his best class. Nor was potions even the one class he had always scored the... more
    • I can substitute. — Lily Spencer, Pecari, Sun Sep 16 18:24
      • Jozua sniffed again after Lily gave her assessment. Yes, quite potentially polyjuice in there. That had fluxweed and wormwood and he could just barely detect both by scent in his phial. He wasn’t... more
        • As is learning to breathe.Professor Mary Brooding, Wed Oct 3 23:05
          "Hold your breath, Mr. Sparks," Mary smiled, approaching the student at the sound of breaking glass. At least students wore shoes to class, a benefit to more formal potion-making settings. She waved... more
          • How about learning to play it cool?Jozua Sparks, Thu Oct 4 08:52
            He hadn’t thought to hold his breath. He had, after all, just been sniffing at the potion, but at the professor’s instruction, he did so immediately and without question. When covered with an unknown ... more
            • Startled by Jozua's reaction, Lily dropped more than enough of the potion she was holding on the leafy plant in front of her, and the entire thing shrunk - pot and all. She would have written down... more
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