Katerina Vorontsov
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Thu Sep 20, 2018 13:52

Playing with Anton Petrovich’s daughters back home had taught Katya several valuable lessons. The first – probably not relevant here – was to refrain from asking too many questions she didn’t already have an idea of the answers to. The second was a lot of English vocabulary and colloquial grammar; she couldn’t use the latter in particular very well, but she understood it better than she thought she would have otherwise. The third was that one did not have to really understand every word of what someone said in English to get the idea, and that straining to translate every sound would just leave her asking them to repeat it far more often than just letting her brain capture what it would and put it together as best she could.

“I also do not know,” said Katya. “Do you think this book will help?” she asked, nodding toward the one Allegra had. Did books teach one how to cook? She had thought it would be like sewing or building a boat, one of those things a person had to learn from another person, but it made more sense for a potions recipe to exist in the context of a book.

“She says any meal, yes? I like teatime,” added Katya, thinking they might have some luck if they brainstormed together, but omitting the abstract ideas because those were inevitably more difficult to articulate in any way where an English speaker didn’t proceed to either look at her in polite consternation (Anton Petrovich, Vera Antonovna) or burst into laughter (Sofya Antonovna).

  • Are you sure you want to?Allegra Brockert, Crotalus, Thu Sep 13 13:28
    When it came to classes Allegra tended to make sure to sit as far away from her cousin as possible and today was no exception. Instead she sat next to Katerina Vorontsov, the Russian Teppenpaw girl.... more
    • Not yet. — Katerina Vorontsov, Thu Sep 20 13:52
      • I am not so sure about anythingAllegra, Thu Oct 11 04:49
        Allegra replied. "I'm not completely sure but I hope so, I picked a book meant for beginners. I mean, generally cook books do so. All you have to do is follow a recipe. It's sort of like Potions.Only ... more
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