Learning to substitute ingredients is important- Professor!
Wed Oct 3, 2018 14:26

Jozua sniffed again after Lily gave her assessment. Yes, quite potentially polyjuice in there. That had fluxweed and wormwood and he could just barely detect both by scent in his phial. He wasn’t sure what else had both of those ingredients, though it was possible, since it was a mix, that one potion had the fluxweed and the other the wormwood. As Lily had already noted, the later was fairly common.

“Yeah, probably,” Jozua agreed when his best friend returned with a potted plant. Professor Brooding did say that was a method they could use and he wasn’t sure where else they were expected to find plants to test on if not from the room itself. He certainly didn’t make a habit of carrying around vegetation with him wherever he went, and he doubted anyone else did either.

Well, he wouldn’t entirely put it past Professor Xavier, but he was the Herbology professor so that kind of went with the territory.

Jozua was still sniffing at his last vial, trying to pick out distinctive scents, when Lily asked another question, making him startle badly enough as he jolted upright to stare at her in disbelief that he spilled the concoction all over himself.

He wasn’t sure which to panic about first - the unknown potion seeping through his robes toward his skin, or Lily’s question.

The former was slightly more time sensitive, and was part of a unit on antidotes so he went with that one. “Eek! Professor! Help!” Already his robe was turning blue and he really didn’t want to give the Aladrens in the room flashbacks to their sorting. Besides, he was a Teppenpaw; turning blue felt disloyal.

He didn’t have his wand out to clean it up himself, and reaching for it would both take too long and require the use of at least one of his hands which he was currently using to hold the school robe and his underlying shirt out away from his skin. He was panicking a little, but not so bad he couldn’t take some self protective and damage control measures.

And part of him was glad that this distraction was giving him time to figure out how to answer Lily, because he didn’t really think ‘Hey, not dating was your idea!’ was really the best tact to take.

  • I can substitute.Lily Spencer, Pecari, Sun Sep 16 18:24
    Potions was one class Lily hadn’t planned on taking as an Advanced class, but her course load had been too little this year, so she’d taken it on. It didn’t seem too terrible so far, and they had a... more
    • Learning to substitute ingredients is important- Professor! — Jozua, Wed Oct 3 14:26
      • As is learning to breathe.Professor Mary Brooding, Wed Oct 3 23:05
        "Hold your breath, Mr. Sparks," Mary smiled, approaching the student at the sound of breaking glass. At least students wore shoes to class, a benefit to more formal potion-making settings. She waved... more
        • How about learning to play it cool?Jozua Sparks, Thu Oct 4 08:52
          He hadn’t thought to hold his breath. He had, after all, just been sniffing at the potion, but at the professor’s instruction, he did so immediately and without question. When covered with an unknown ... more
          • Startled by Jozua's reaction, Lily dropped more than enough of the potion she was holding on the leafy plant in front of her, and the entire thing shrunk - pot and all. She would have written down... more
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