Jozua Sparks
How about learning to play it cool?
Thu Oct 4, 2018 08:52

He hadn’t thought to hold his breath. He had, after all, just been sniffing at the potion, but at the professor’s instruction, he did so immediately and without question. When covered with an unknown magical elixir, and the lady who knew what it was told you to hold your breath, you held your breath. Maybe some combination of the potion with fabric? Clearly there was an interaction going on there, what with it turning blue and all.

Professor Brooding sorted it all out and Jozua let out his breath and drew in a fresh one in relief. “Yes, fine, thank you,” he confirmed his continued good health after the near miss. He smiled up at her guilelessly, and crossed his finger over his heart, “I promise not to ingest anything,” he vowed.

As she left, he leaned into Lily and whispered, “First time I ever earned points for spilling a potion and breaking the glass. She must be new at this.”

Sitting back, he reviewed his work station and declared, “I need a new sample of that one, be right back!”

Before Lily could object, he was on his feet, and moving to the large cauldrons at the front again. He took his time dipping a new vial in for another sample and labeling it, making a show of being super careful not to spill or drop it again, but mostly using to time to compose an answer to Lily’s question that had started this whole mess.

When he got back, he offered the one he deemed the most casual and least weird of all the options that had occurred to him, “How does Saturday afternoon work for you? MARS water room at four?”

  • As is learning to breathe.Professor Mary Brooding, Wed Oct 3 23:05
    "Hold your breath, Mr. Sparks," Mary smiled, approaching the student at the sound of breaking glass. At least students wore shoes to class, a benefit to more formal potion-making settings. She waved... more
    • How about learning to play it cool? — Jozua Sparks, Thu Oct 4 08:52
      • Startled by Jozua's reaction, Lily dropped more than enough of the potion she was holding on the leafy plant in front of her, and the entire thing shrunk - pot and all. She would have written down... more
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